Love has consumed me...

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  • philopt 29w

    He was angry
    He felt cheated
    He paid for everything and gave her anything

    She never got him anything
    She only ask and received

    And so they argued while she kept on crying
    She didn't have to say sorry but said...

    "My name is Gift and I'm the Gift you've been praying for"

    Isn't her answer beautiful...


  • philopt 29w

    Who's Cheating??

    She texted him 'Goodnight'
    And texted me "I can't sleep"

  • philopt 62w


    You won't Agree
    You too have a Double Life

    You can tell when you're done showing different persons of Yourself



  • philopt 62w


    Is to Act Inhuman when you are just and Another In-Hurting-Man


  • philopt 99w


    If Words were on Sale!!!
    If each Word was highly Priced
    How much can you Buy?
    Which Words will you Pay for ??

    To watch the Words we speak is to Price them highly as they're Spoken...

    To be Wise is to Price your Words
    To be Wise is to buy only A Living Word
    For men to listen amazed is to speak truth with high Price!!!


  • philopt 103w

    It is going to happen soon
    Soon and when Sex has finally lost its perfect home
    Men will walk back into the ages where cloths won't have a meaning
    Makeups won't hide any filty spot
    It will be a world ready for Noah's cry once again
    And I don't know if many will perish over Again

  • philopt 103w

    My worries amd tears is not for the World
    But for they who accepted the World as a final Destination

  • philopt 103w

    Sex became meaningless when it decided to take away its very meaning "KNOW"

  • philopt 106w

    How Bad do You Wanna Know God ????

    Grace ain't Merit


  • philopt 106w

    I Am Sorry!!!

    I know the Sins Written

    Those written by my Words
    Those by my own Hands
    Those coined by the Heart
    Those born by my Actions

    The scares written on your skin
    They too call my name
    For I am among man that changed your righteous path