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  • phomolokoloka 11w

    Hate someone who once made you happy you are dooming your self

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    He/she might have made promises
    Promises that he/she isn't living up to now
    Yes it's amazing to be promised the world
    For their promises made you look joyful and alive

    He/she might have called for your love or you
    Suddenly it didn't end as planned
    Still, you inhale and exhale the same air as theirs
    They might be better without you, that doesn't make them enemies

    The word HATE won't lead you to happiness
    I hate him or her, who are you?
    He/ she was from the pit of hell, where are you from?
    I hate the fact that I gave a ghost my heart to destroy,

    Do you realize the pain you are bringing to yourself?
    Life becomes like a double-edged blade
    You shut yourself, having the world in your hands
    Think twice about your ex, not once

    Pick up your bruised body
    Move forward with head held up high
    Recharge the energy, love them like before
    Describe the feeling of believing in them

    They taught you a lesson
    It's your story and you are the main protagonist
    Twist and events in the story reply on you
    Delete all the fears or pride, talk to that ex

    End the story amazingly
    EX's are friends like before not enemies
    Appreciate the happiness they gave you
    Your love for him/her should be sealed for eternity

    Your hope won't grow unless you grow with it
    Be in a free world
    Love everyone, don't have enemies
    Paint a sculpture that describes you

    Don't paint your ex with negativity even if they do to you
    An ex should shake an ex's hand
    Peace at the end
    The story flow and a new life starts

  • phomolokoloka 11w

    It's always tough to let go

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    My mother will miss me
    I do not have the courage to post about a wonderful person I am
    I took suicide as a permanent solution
    Not even to sit and weigh things up

    I know, you know and they know it's a bad choice
    For I take it as a solution to a temporary problem
    A problem that only needs ingredients such as self-acceptance, self-motivation, and ability to think about others
    A heartbeat and breath took per second keeps me alive

    Will it be kind to take a rope and tie it to the neck
    Do people even know my likes and dislikes
    What I love and hate the most
    Am I even important or not

    I get it I will miss beautiful dawns and sunsets
    I will miss the melody of birds that lingers on and on
    For I am busy revising my goodbyes as if I am going out of darkness
    But I am going out of light to where I won't see

    What am I thinking?
    Why am I being fooled by three words?
    Of which two words turned a middle word to HATE
    Would faking a smile be better until it feels real

    Well the thought is flowing down the spine
    I cannot control myself anymore
    I am going crazy and stupid
    I feel my heartbeat and it annoys me
    Why am I taking long to do it?

    Now, I think I found myself again
    We got no love
    We are even becoming enemies
    We broke without a warning

    Now we are nothing
    At least let's be friends
    I have decided to close the chapter like this
    I will love you as a friend, you are not my enemy and won't be

    I am a wild one
    Living in an emotion
    It's time to let go
    I am letting you go, love you big time

  • phomolokoloka 14w

    I'm a sad song without you, I wish you could turn it into a happy song cause I cannot forget you

  • phomolokoloka 14w


    Sad in dark room
    Cant even go outside
    Quarantine stole you from me
    But I remember our memories

    The first time I layed my eyes on you
    The excitement
    My heart melted down
    You winked, i blushed

    That moment you took my tiny heart
    Communication in the dark
    You took my hand and said "I need you most"
    Romantically passed out for a second

    You placed a finger on my lip
    I went crazy on my feet
    Gave you my number
    I disappeared like smoke that instant

    Days went, charmed like magic
    Sneeked out at night for you
    The world was sleeping, lights off
    But i found you there

    All i wanted is you
    Cute with large ears
    Bold dark lips
    The smell of a baby you have
    I love you

    You and i
    We are like a King and Queen
    With you I am alive
    You are my beautiful mess

    I am a sad song
    You the melody of it
    No fear around you
    Promise you won't be lonely

    That hairy body of yours
    Brings connection
    Can't take my eyes off you
    There is nothing you can be compared to

    Sad because of quarantine
    Once its over, the world will know
    Will watch the sunset, kiss slowly
    Hug endlessly

    I love you

  • phomolokoloka 14w

    Teachers made us, made the world, shared valuable information that made us who we are

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    The world's sunshine
    A school's asset
    Always there when needed
    More like a mother to the nation
    With plenty of patience, respect and confidence

    As clear as a tiny crystal of a diamond
    A noble profession inside you
    A team creator to run the world
    The striker in a football game

    Smiley enough to appreciate
    A gift from God you are
    A parent in a school
    Good enough to understand the nature of kids
    A heart packed with love

    A motivator
    A commenter to every leader's story
    A guider to conquer a mathematical problem
    Taught us to overcome self-defeating thoughts
    A pillar you are

    Raised lost hopes
    Built a nation
    Took each individual from impossible thoughts
    Turned impossible to possible
    A diamond you are

    You're not fake
    Like a movie
    Taught us about reality
    That out there is hard
    Sweat to make us who we are

    A producer
    Produced doctors, writer's, leaders
    Just from waking up each day for the world
    As busy as a bee

    Our sunshine
    A loved soul
    Forever to be remembered

  • phomolokoloka 14w

    Fake lover

    Just walk, don't look back as you never looked back in our relationship. You such a deciever

  • phomolokoloka 14w


    The morning wore on
    A bright dawn appeared colourfully
    Birds came in a flock to the feeder on the deck
    Their melody lingered on and on
    Kept a close eye them

    Found hopes and joys that minute
    A minute further for self discovery
    Tough as a nut to crack
    All of a sudden a believe knocked down my brain
    Everything is possible

    Asked myself "Phomolo are you sure?"
    My imagination mixed with vividness gave me hope
    Took a pen, poured my soul
    An art of expressing oneself on paper
    Admitted this is who I am meant to be

    Each time I hold a pen
    I imagined images formed against power of strength
    But did not pick images with less dreams and aspirations
    An idea of what to achieve was there
    As silent and shy as I am, I dared a big dream

    I doubted myself at first, stupid I am
    Felt demoralized and ashamed but most happy
    Nearly hidden a great talent under the carpet
    Nearly became a talentless writer
    With irresponsible desire to keep writing

    Found myself, that's my talent
    Writing a heaven-sent talent
    But not yet ready to publish but full of whimsical goals
    Now free from the closet, that's my little secret
    Free like a fish from sharks

    Energy begins
    A talent had let it's self out
    Love myself

  • phomolokoloka 14w

    I don't even understand myself, these suicidal thoughts are within my veins

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    MYSELF (me)

    Tall like a sunray
    Light dark skin I have
    Pretty shy
    But little bit funny, only on conditions

    Like to write
    But not publish, low esteem on content
    A heaven-sent talent, but it's not used
    Due to no reason understood by me
    My future is stashed under the carpet

    Friendly as I am
    But weird somehow to people
    A loner I am, time alone cracking the brain
    Thinking things way deep
    But my answers are correct

    I laugh in fake
    Shedding a tear in my pillow
    Late night, watching the stars and counting un-countless things
    Blaming myself for my life, suicide in my veins

    I'm alone in the dark
    A hand appeared to pull me out there
    Light affected my eyes, I stayed in the dark
    It's quiet and lovely

    In a vulnerable position
    I'll live in a little peace
    A soul out of the earth
    But I fake a smile
    For people to not realize I am possessive

    That's the little me
    Pointed at but I am walking on my own
    Crazy little stubbornness inside me,
    That's me, myself and i

  • phomolokoloka 14w


    A generous soul
    A soul stronger for a reason
    To give a sense of protection
    Heaven-sent for a good purpose
    A fighter you are
    In hard and soft times
    A heart with unseen tears and fears
    The foundation of the family
    A guider you are
    All honest and integrity found inside your heart
    A here that is always there
    Giving a hug full of lots of undefined questions
    Love this soul
    Your voice sounds like violin string
    A sound that lingers on and on
    You are there even when unseen
    A thumbs up for your strength
    Your smiley face evokes all memories
    Memories spent while you are around
    You are always there
    Giving love
    Love you man

  • phomolokoloka 14w

    Life is unhappy without friends

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    I sit lonely
    No one is there
    I see people
    Hide behind my finger
    Where are my friends?
    They walked away silently
    It's dark
    Please light the room
    Free me from this torture
    Sight evoked unpleasant memories
    I'm crushed to uncountable pieces
    Did I add insult to the injury
    Joy sat under my feet
    Where did all my happiness go?
    Friends come back
    A silent response I get
    Am I barking up the wrong tree
    Just look back, and let history repeat it'self
    I'm ready to laugh
    To let joy run down the spine
    Unhappiness is a disease
    But happiness is a daily booster
    I'm waiting