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  • photon 15h

    Do you know what stage of the moon your period usually reaches? The moon (Earth's natural satellite) has phases, everyone knows.The phases of the moon influence the waters of the planet, plants, animals and establish cycles of (approximately) 28 days, relating to the female menstrual cycle. So, like the moon, every woman has phases and that's why the menstrual cycle is also known as the the internal moon.

    The perception of the internal phases of the moon is a way to organize, get to know and connect with your own cycle. Thus, by observing and investigating how you feel physically and emotionally at each stage (menstrual, pre-ovulatory, ovulatory and pre-menstrual), you transform a biological mechanism (menstrual cycle) into a tool for self-knowledge.

    By following the phases of the external moon, you can relate them to your menstrual cycle, and notice possible changes in mood, physical, emotional disposition, etc. That is, when you organize yourself by a lunar calendar, you make a profound study of yourself.

    For example: if you menstruate on the new moon, you should feel more reclusive and introspective (with the face of few friends) during this period. Once you know this, you can plan and prepare a time for yourself (tpm) when the new moon is coming and consequently, you will better understand this period.

    Nature is cyclical and moves through contractions and expansions. So are the cycles of the moon, seasons, tides, etc. Through this movement, women perceive the great life-death-life cycle that permeates our existence: birth, growth, reproduction, transformation, death ...

    Women carry this cyclicality of contraction and expansion through the menstrual cycle. They incorporate the archetypes of each phase of nature's cycles into our psyche, that is, they live as a reflection of nature. During their cycle, the body, mood, disposition, sensations and abilities, forms of perception and expression are changed ...

    When menstruating they are contracting, collected and shrouded in shadows ... it is the instinct of the body, the mind, nature ... When menstruating they are a new moon, which has no shine. When menstruating they are winter and like trees, they lose their leaves ...

    In this way, female archetypes related to the lunar phases were built. That is, archetypes that translate / illustrate the female psyche in each of the lunar phases. In total, they have 8 phases / archetypes, however, I advise everyone who is starting the studies of the sacred, to start understanding 4 of them, which are: the maiden, the mother, the witch and the old woman (drags aside).

    •• With each cycle, they live these 4 archetypes, in their own way, of course. Having knowledge of them and knowing how to identify them in you is an incredible tool to get to know and understand yourself better and, consequently, to have a healthier relationship with your cycle and with yourself.

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  • photon 1d

    Poetry exclaims, sings the song that there is, that falls, that does not forget, that perishes, that waits, that silences me, that drowns, that gives me hands, that kisses my eyes.

    Poetry looks at me there in the blue mountains, hits me twice on the chest, blesses me. Poetry rips the lace on my windows, untie my veins; makes me savanna, fight.

    I ask your lips for incense, forgiveness, chrysalis, chrysanthemums, nails, clemency and lead auroras. On your lips, without a pulse, with winters without a vase, I bathe in petals; I braid my spirits, I spread them in the air.

    In your hands, I will get rid of the cry of the crows that knock on my unlit door. In your hands, I will read the lap of margaritas; tulips will sprout from my hair, there will be no abyss.

    In your mouth my ribs will stop being crossed, They will become a tree and my veins, branches in the sun. And if my chest beats again, I know it will, of course it will! The sparrows will shut their mouths forever.

    They will be silent, they will withdraw their wings from art and Perseid will rain on my body, I will be a stem. They will be silent, gold will be reflected in my iris, I will not flee; my essence will flutter and in my eyes I will see red flowers.

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  • photon 3d

    We weren't like a typical love story. Yet we were like, we were I don't know if out of habit or for that tremendous addiction to try us, to feel us, to touch us and to destroy all senses and heartbeats. We were like street animals, that after giving them a little attention, some food and lots of love, they no longer want to easily get away from you.

    We weren't jealous for each other, there were not hundreds of messages in the chat, nor did we see each other every day. But for every call or audio that we sent to WhatsApp, the desire to see each other fell short among so many words that we said on a cell phone.

    We weren't typical lovers, but the force of attraction that had between the two resembled the physical law of universal gravitation formulated and established by Newton, where two opposing masses will always have a common point where they will always match, our arms.

    We were another, almost unique and unrepeatable full of tenderness and unbridled madness that always found us wanting not to finish the game that one day we had unintentionally started.

    I don't know who of the two was more crazy, if she for looking at me or me for making her feel like it was the most perverse, sensual and sassy poetry that my whole being contemplated in her persona every time I ran naked through the dining room, kitchen and the bathroom.

    We weren't like a typical love story. She was a dream and I was the dreamer. She was the magic and I was the magician. She was the moon orbiting my earth. She was the andromeda galaxy, slowly approaching my milky way. She was a little red riding hood and I was her fierce wolf lying to everyone that we could never be together.

    We were more hugs, kisses and uncontrolled love. We were two quiet angels in the distance and two restless devils in the closeness. We were our own story ...

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