Your life is your signature ❣

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  • pikuthomas 2w

    You may or may not like me,
    You have a choice.
    But to be myself, is my responsibility;
    I don't have a choice there!


  • pikuthomas 6w

    When you love someone or something
    Keep it a secret!
    Because love is to be FELT not to be TOLD!
    And what are words; they are mere EXPRESSIONS, whereas


  • pikuthomas 8w

    Yet again she waited longingly for his arrival,
    With the same old feverish grin
    With hopes held high and a Faith above all,
    Only to return back with shattered pieces of her Pride.


  • pikuthomas 9w

    Yet again she walked out of all the dramas revolving around her;
    With her head held high,
    not because she hated being part of them,
    but just because she hated being the reason for those.

  • pikuthomas 9w

    My Love, My Revenge, My Hate. These are my conquests.
    That I never intend to share.


  • pikuthomas 15w

    I may not be your "ideal" one, but I promise that 'I can deal' with all your tantrums even better than you.


  • pikuthomas 17w

    The painful truth is that;

    Half of your life goes loving the ones who cannot promise to love you back.

  • pikuthomas 18w

    My mom just told me "sometimes people hate you because of the way other people love you" and that spoke volume.

  • pikuthomas 20w

    Never promise of holding my hand to the very end of ages,
    But promise me, that it would be the only one that you'll hold while you are with me.


  • pikuthomas 21w

    Whatever made sense to me till the very last moment, became nonsensical at the very next!