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  • pinky_nisar 2w

    If you are OK with what you are becoming..
    Nothing Matters!!!


  • pinky_nisar 3w

    Run to achieve Goal..
    But life says.. Iam unpredictable

  • pinky_nisar 10w


    Hey loneliness..
    I get fallen in you becoz of my loved ones..
    At first I petrified you,
    I never need you,
    I hated you,
    I cried because of you,
    I am getting detached because of you,
    I feel insecured in the presence of you..
    Every moment iam starting to blame you..
    At last,
    I started slowly to explore myself deeply
    I came to know the perfections of myself
    I initiate to create myself a better one
    I became self obsessed
    I commenced to focus on my selfgrowth
    I embrace to be mine
    I realise that you are my only reality
    I started to enjoy my solitude..

    In our life everyone going to fall in loneliness but it's our responsibility to change into a solitude state ❤Because no one going to love yourself more than you do.. Its time to start fall in love for yourself ❤.... En Iniya Thanimaiye... ❤


  • pinky_nisar 11w

    Sometimes we just want to convey lots of repressed feelings to our most loved one..
    But it gets struked after knowing that they never feel like ours!!


  • pinky_nisar 16w

    உன் சிறு புன்னகையால் என்னை சிறைபிடித்தாய்.. என்று உன் காந்தக் கண்களை திறந்து என்னை விடுதலை செய்ய போகிறாய் அழகே❤


  • pinky_nisar 17w

    Long distance relationship seems to be hard
    But its a incredible bond they both had..

    It's a story of long days, lonely nights and lack of sleep.

    They intimately know the pain of being apart
    But they still appreciate and embrace each other for together

    Its a most unique relationship where hands never touch but the heart can..

    No cuddles, no compromises, no coffee, no forehead kisses... Only a screen,two voices mingle to be single soul❤

    Where eyes longing, heart yearning and hand craving.. How this incredible bond seems even when they haven't met?

    Long distance relationship doubts and tested everyday.. But they still proves the true love of each other and worth it..

    Being closer is the first and last desire for lovers..
    But being apart and love each other without a difference is the characteristics of pure love

    This makes the relationship so special ❤


  • pinky_nisar 17w

    அடிமுடி தேடினாலும்
    அகராதி புரட்டினாலும்
    அர்த்தம் காணமுடியாத
    உயிர்ச்சித்திரம் அம்மா ❤

    ஆசையை அகத்தில் கொண்டு
    எதிராக புறம் காட்டி
    ஆருயிர் காப்பவர் அப்பா❤

    இரு உறவும் ஒரே உருவமாய் திகழும் என் அம்மா❤ என் வாழ்க்கையின் அர்த்தம்


  • pinky_nisar 17w

    We have to fight some worst days to get best days of our Life❤


  • pinky_nisar 17w

    Believe ❤

    We all have a special talent that are just waiting to be engaged in a worthy pursuit.

  • pinky_nisar 17w

    Arrival of precious Girl

    You clearly and deeply potrayed the girl child's insecurities, pain and sufferings. Precious girl creates impact on every parents.. The message " The journey of justice is never easy.. To say I struggled and lost.. This is not a game it's JUSTICE..
    " To feel someone's pain.. We don't need to be relatives "if this understood by everyone there is no pain and sufferings.. That epic" Venba is not a daughter.. She is jothi's angel ( Joe Angel ) wherever she is.. She never afraid to fight for what is right..Every man should know that Every girl is a boon, blessings and felicity for their parents ❤