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  • piyali_dey 2d

    Only and only, if you had that one thing on you,
    In a swift, those hard situations you could pass through.
    You could be that immaculate frosting
    To the cake who's been waiting.
    A ray of hope,
    While walking on life's slender rope.
    You could be that boon,
    Of that person stuck in a desert's sand dunes.
    You could be a saviour
    For that man waiting in the queue for hours.
    You could be the relief,
    For that child petrified of the world full of theifs.
    A fully bloomed flower,
    Imparting positivity at a difficult hour.
    Water to that person who's got serial hiccups,
    A rescue, to the problems piled up.
    You could be everything you wish to be!
    But only if you have that thing on you!
    It has been missing since days,
    Please search and wear it on your face,
    It might take a while,
    But get back your lost smile!

  • piyali_dey 5d

    To those two friends, who made me smile.

    "Hey bro! How're you doing?"
    Assembly line, huge mass of students,
    And I find you both behind me
    Beginning a conversation with this question.
    Had I ever perceived that I'd be writing for you someday,
    Back then, at that day?
    I found the perfect benchmates,
    When I asked, "Hey, can I sit here, in this place?"
    The only people who can oppose the thought of me, being a shy person!
    I remember all the little fun,
    How we fantasized about those fictional characters,
    And the way we sang the songs of our favourite actors.
    One day, when my world shattered leaving me broken,
    There was a knock at the door,
    And I see two tired faces, who accompanied me,
    To be my strength.
    That's when you both reserved a place in my heart,
    You made me realize, some bonds can never drift apart.
    When I sat alone and cried in the class,
    A joke was suddenly cracked by you, making me laugh.
    Those statistics problems which were tough,
    Turned out to be easy with your single explanation.
    How could I forget those lunch breaks,
    When we craved to open our boxes after that boring class,
    Within no time all the food vanished,
    Leaving us relished.
    And on my birthday,
    When I sat at home, with a book in hand,
    There, you guys appeared surprising me like never before,
    Bringing in a jolt of excitement through the opened door.
    Did I ever mention?
    Never had I been suprised this way, on my birthday.
    These little moments have been preserved in my treasure box,
    Remember? those never ending emotional talks!
    You might forget me someday,
    But I'll never, because someday, you made my day.
    Thank you for being one beautiful chapter in my life's book,
    Which I would read on repeat.
    Thank you for planting a smile on my face,
    At life's worst phase.
    You made me believe that I could have a friend too,
    Just like the novel we read, "Someone like you."

  • piyali_dey 1w

    Should I thank you for never leaving me,
    Or curse you for always sticking to me.
    There have been days emptiness subdued over me,
    But you filled the space bringing me disgrace.
    You pay me a visit everyday,
    Mostly, on my life's most important days!
    You are that sharp needle,
    Which has stitched through me with a twinge.
    The stars embodied on the sky looks beautiful,
    But the relationship between you and me makes me feel dreadful.
    You are that guest who is never invited,
    But never misses a chance to appear.
    When, just for sometime, the skin is clear.
    I look into the mirror and again plead,
    With my words being simple,
    Please leave me alone, you painful pimples!

  • piyali_dey 2w

    A Date.

    To the prettiest person I've ever seen,
    Since, you love the colour green,
    Here is a gift, I wish you to wear,
    And step out with me and my sister.
    Dear mumma, would you like to come with us on a date today?
    We promise, to abide all your rules for the rest of the day.
    We will definitely complete all our food,
    And do everything to please your mood.
    Your face is the moon which deserves to gleam always,
    Forget the worries and keep aside the bad days.
    A bright smile is the perfect ornament for you,
    Which I'm sure, by the end of this day, you can never take it off you.
    I know, all the responsibilities you've taken on your tender shoulders,
    But for a day, bade farewell to them,
    And accompany us, while we have some fun.
    I know, the room is untidy, my books aren't arranged properly,
    I'll surely set them right, just after tonight.
    I'll listen to your stories about the rising prices of vegetables,
    Also help you to set the food on the table.
    I'll play your favourite song of Lata Mangeshkar,
    And we'll listen to it together, while we sing along.
    We will always travel on that road of life,
    By standing on both your sides.
    Your two daughters will act as your guards,
    And try to make the times easier, which would be hard.
    Everyday, without any hesitation, I'll stuff my mouth with those healthy badam and dates,
    But today, i expect no hesitation from you as well,
    While I ask you,
    Dear mumma, would you like to come with your daughters on a date?

  • piyali_dey 3w

    Streets of Varanasi

    A place where the Holy Ganges flows,
    Where the sailors on boat happily rows,
    Narrating stories about the various Ghats.
    Meanwhile those little shops are flooded beside the footpaths.
    You can hear ladies happily shriek,
    When they find their favourite 'Banarasi saree'.
    People buzzing together through the streets,
    No fear of the traffic, just moving on their own,
    There's no reason here to stand and frown.
    I look at that milkman walking along
    With his big can, as he hums a song.
    The wheels of the rickshaw making its way,
    Towards the temple, where everyone pray
    With a belief that the prayers are answered.
    And in the shadow of the Almighty,
    The people here, reside happily.
    December evenings with the cold breeze
    Was upto making the folks freeze.
    But warmth was found around that dainty fireplace,
    Amidst the road, lit by an old man with a wrinkled face.
    And when the night descends,
    I spot an old lady sleeping on the street,
    Deprived of a shelter, trying to warm her cold feet.
    The people here, aren't afraid of death,
    Since not a minute passes in a day,
    When a soul doesn't depart to the heavenly abode from the Ghat.
    They say, the doors of this place are always open,
    For the one, who has no one.
    Yes, it's the truth, you can never feel lonely
    In this atmosphere, where you're surrounded by people so lovely.
    When I taste that 'Banarasi sweet',
    It forces me to fill my mouth again as I repeat.
    Always heard about the mesmerizing 'Ganga Aarti',
    But when I view it with my own eyes,
    Positivity vibrates through the ears,
    And the most powerful energy I've experienced over the years.
    Simplicity is the path they follow,
    With solidarity, together they grow.
    Ask a person something, and there's no denial,
    As the arms are always open to offer you help.
    I've learnt here, to live life to the fullest,
    Even if you aren't at your best.
    With a pure heart, you can never find anything messy,
    Indeed, you'll find yourself smiling, while you walk through the streets of Varanasi.

  • piyali_dey 3w

    A cycle called "happiness" stands there,
    Awaiting me to begin a ride,
    Through the year's bumpy tides.
    I've come through a long way,
    With the mixture of good and bad days,
    And now I'm here,
    Stepping into a new decade, a new year.
    I wish positivity to flow through my veins,
    Smile while I suffer pains,
    I wish to gift a smile to someone,
    Let go all my fear and begin this year.
    While the numbers on the calendar changes,
    Even in my life, I wish to bring some good changes.

  • piyali_dey 4w

    "Glad I could match the steps with you, for our first dance tonight!"
    Only if he could watch those hundreds of dances before this, she had picturized on her mind.

  • piyali_dey 4w

    Amidst the huge crowd,
    Those two eyes caught my attention.
    Definitely, it was the most elegant vision!
    They were filled with innocence,
    And an ocean of calmness,
    I could stare at them forever,
    As though it's my only endeavor.
    Brown was never my favourite colour,
    Until I looked into his eyes, after numerous tries.
    I was stuck at that moment,
    And my mind refused to move further
    As it directed me towards that shine,
    Gleaming out of those eyes
    Which never looked at the direction of mine.

  • piyali_dey 6w

    Dear long lost friend,
    Hope you're doing great!
    Just wondering would your heart's gate
    Still accept me like the old times,
    If your arms would still call for a hug,
    If you still remember that "Best friends" mug
    Which you gifted me, along with a little card.
    It holds the ink which your pen spilt,
    And the words which promised,
    This friendship would last for an entity.
    The card has some stories written,
    Which I read now as I travel back to those times.
    Once, how we sneaked out of a boring class,
    With our hearts flooding with the fear of getting caught.
    One day, we cried and laughed at the same time,
    When the teacher threw all the harsh words on us,
    Just because she thought,
    We were the only ones in the class making a fuss.
    And after that, there was a secret name kept for her,
    Which, you were about to blurt out one day, in front of her.
    We created our own playlist,
    And songs kept adding to a never ending list.
    Even today when I come across that list,
    I add a song, smiling to myself.
    We gossiped about the little things at school,
    You were always my secret keeping tool.
    Whenever there were tears in my eyes,
    You stood by my side,
    A pillar indeed, giving the strongest support.
    I definitely didn't need others,
    When I had you.
    Just one true friend was what I always needed.
    You accompanied me through the campus,
    To distribute chocolates on my birthday,
    But now a little wish is all I get from you on that day.
    Remember? That plan to start up a business,
    "When we grow up, we'll get along with a start up."
    A partnership firm was what we discussed,
    But that same partner of mine,
    Has been lost by time.
    Some days, when I was seen without you,
    Everyone gave a quizzical look,
    They asked me, if we had a fight.
    Little did they know,
    Our bond was pretty tight.
    But the same bond drifted away,
    With time, as we walked on our own ways.
    Even today, when there's a mention of the word 'friend',
    You're the first one who comes to my mind.
    It's been years now, and I wonder,
    If you'd come to me ever,
    And again fulfil that promise of "friends forever".

  • piyali_dey 7w

    "He is the greatest thief I have ever known."
    The 80 year old grandma claimed her heart to be stolen,
    As she pointed her finger at that old photo of grandpa.