this beautiful thing called life ��

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  • platonia_maniac 1d

    My musings going on
    About how they want
    To embrace love once more
    Although my heart's just
    A shattered bane
    But let's give it another shot
    And this time if it's same too
    I'll cry my heart out and move on
    Though next time
    When I walk through thin lane
    Maybe I'll just break down..

  • platonia_maniac 1d

    Sometimes 'what might have been' is all that's left.
    You know when you stood up for yourself, they laughed behind your back. That was in murmurs then, now I can hear the full blown laughter tossed my way. Getting rejected a hundred times. Your not good enough qoutes, hearing each day from different 'friends' that processed my thoughts and the outcome goes- I'm never good enough. Growing up my mother taught me how to cover myself up pretty well, nobody should know about my skin beneath. My father taught me to bow before them all, you know I should be blessed and all. My grandmother taught me household chores, I should be good and all. Dinner was my favourite spot, I kept listening to the criticism of politics and religion, my tongue itched to have a say, I knew better than to say it aloud.
    Having an opinion would make a bore, so I kept on nodding for their say. I stayed home doing poojas when my heart cried out to go out and party. When the elders insisted on throwing me out, I even agreed to marry away.
    Homemaker was nail to my coffin, when I knew I could work hard and succeed in my own. Being a middle-ager and seeking dreams must be a nightmare for now I have my family and his to convince. He flinches away in disgust, they knew I'm a failure at the greatest. But deep down I know in a fighter, my dreams and hopes burried in my kitchen garden, I dig them out wipe out the dirt and draw them wings and we fly away high in the sky and I hope one day I'll draw wings to you too and get you to fly....

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    Pacing all day
    I keep my head bowed down
    Searching for the escape route
    That I drew a million times
    But their footsteps dirt
    Rubbed it all away
    Oh! I am of higher hope
    I hide my art in my beating heart
    And draw my wings so long
    Trying to reach higher above
    I fly, fly away
    That's my hope every day
    So I work my wings
    In a secret way
    And draw a vast sky
    With rays of hope..


  • platonia_maniac 2d

    I embrace myself
    To fifth encounter
    If it's worth the risk
    Would it be
    As good as the rest
    Will it be my last
    Or something to
    Keep forever
    Will it be like the rest
    Nostalgic and lingering around

  • platonia_maniac 2w

    Collecting the million pieces
    Of once happy heart
    Trying to find the pace
    Where my heart skips a beat
    And is filled with warmth
    With smile on my lips
    I stare at stunning stranger
    Heading my way, I pray please

  • platonia_maniac 4w

    I wouldn't mind you
    Taking me places I've
    Never been before
    You just can't seem to get it
    Out of all the places in the world
    Your heart is where I seek the most

  • platonia_maniac 4w

    The world staged a play
    Where you and I were a bait
    You rocked the play
    With perfectionista facade
    Overwhelmed with the change
    I crawled back to my place
    Lost in the, to the reel
    Where no one seems to care

  • platonia_maniac 5w

    My skies I fill then up
    With purple glitters
    And try to wipe out
    Your grey shades
    And I fail
    So I continue coating purple
    To hide your darkness
    And fill myself with light again

  • platonia_maniac 5w

    Scattered pieces
    Of what I had to do
    Left untouched
    I now tend to collect
    To make a new start

  • platonia_maniac 5w

    Don't filthy disgrace me
    I wouldn't like even you to see
    As I disrobe, I love my body
    You too can try
    Love yourself
    Then can hate me too
    If you fail to embrace
    Your flaws
    Try and disgust
    Everyone around

  • platonia_maniac 6w

    Saddest truth is
    You like me
    Even though
    You weren't
    Supposed to
    And I like you too
    Even though it's a
    Forbidden fate
    Yet we both
    Keep mum
    Only to hurt
    And be hurt
    Try and bury this love
    In the forgotten garden