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  • plethora_of_thought 3d

    "You Will Remain"
    Love is easier to understand
    When nothing is said and always silent
    When smiling and reaching for the sky
    When angry and easily hurt

    Love is easier to read
    When the eyes blink and tremble
    When hand clings and arm hangs
    When laughing and observing true happiness

    It is easier to love
    When love is pure and pure
    When there is no secret and it always comes true
    When not choking and restricting motion

    It is easier to take care of love
    When it is you and it is not
    When it is you and no one else
    When it is you and it is just you

    Still not changing
    Still not forgotten
    Still not covered
    Never leave

    You are still my love
    You are still my beloved
    You are still what I want
    You are still my subject in this poem..

  • plethora_of_thought 4d

    The morning is no longer sad,
    The crying swollen eyes will settle
    Wet pillows and pillows will dry out

    You will get up from sitting on the side
    Foot will step out of the room
    Ready right to face the world of pain
    'It won't bite you anymore.

    Your wounds are completely healed
    Not a single mark can be traced
    You can see the light forever,
    In that cave covered with darkness

    First found the long missing
    Self-love has fled from you
    So now the human part is complete
    You will fight and never lose again

    You can do it again
    You can do better now
    Overcome challenges ahead
    Because that is whole..

  • plethora_of_thought 1w

    Why are you leaving when I need you so badly?
    Why are you leaving when I haven't sown all my love for you?
    Why are you leaving when I'm in the lint?
    Why did you go?

    But God said another word
    He said enough time he gave me to borrow you from him

    Who would you like to hear my story
    Who will you hear complaining about me?
    Am I mad? Happy me? Who?
    I miss you
    Do you miss me?

  • plethora_of_thought 1w

    sometimes we feel guilty when we have done everything that was in our power, everyone gave everything but its not enough. This is the story of a project we had between friends which unfortunately did not work out, we always say thank you to God

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    A torn heart
    A flaming heart
    But it wasn't my fault
    What happened
    I did my best
    And I kept our moral high

    Why do i feel guilty
    Is there always a culprit in each case

    It happened
    I didn't want it, I did everything against
    To the big whole
    but its not enough
    I thank God for this lesson in humility, AMEN

  • plethora_of_thought 1w

    "Just look at the memories"
    I still embrace the memory of a dark afternoon; idiot at the window of our favorite restaurant, and amazed at the rushing rain.

    The air is very cold. My body is cold but I still do not want to leave his seat. It was as if something was waiting to suddenly emerge from nothingness.

    If you happen to pass by, stop in front of me. Hear your voice again from the weight of the raindrops-- I want your voice to be heard again.

    But in these moments, as the downpour intensifies, I can barely kiss you; take refuge in another restaurant, which is your new favorite destination-- with your girlfriend.

  • plethora_of_thought 2w

    होंठ ये मेरे सिल जाते हैं... जब साथ मेरे तुम नहीं होती...
    तुम्हे कहता अपने दिल की बातें... पास जो तुम मेरे होती.

  • plethora_of_thought 2w

    I drew you on a piece of paper,
    using the pencil sharpened by the blade
    of unspoken words

    then signed,
    of the name request to be heard once
    on reopening
    of your remnants of rikit

    immediately placed on the frame
    the picture created
    laid on the table next to the pallet
    so that even if you are not in the horizon
    is also for adjoining

  • plethora_of_thought 2w

    And in the end,
    can only stay,
    wait, mourn
    hide the occupant,
    feeling swollen
    will sail in hesitation,
    and fierce waves
    certainly not soon
    will be swallowed up by the waves

  • plethora_of_thought 2w

    it's too late to find out,
    you are a star
    really very attracted
    in the brightness possessed

    fly very close,
    the wing flared
    out of breath
    when out of the world
    in the absence of space,
    plunging at speed

    it's too late to find out,
    you are a star
    just fascinating
    at a glance

  • plethora_of_thought 2w

    किसी रोज़...
    उसने कहा था...
    मैं आपसे...
    कल बात करती हूँ...
    उम्र गुज़र गई लेकिन...
    मैं... आज भी...
    उस कल के इंतज़ार में हूँ..