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  • poems_and_dreams_ 10w

    No justice/No peace.

  • poems_and_dreams_ 10w

    You don't have to be
    - Black-
    to feel outraged.

  • poems_and_dreams_ 12w

    Ask yourselves this question:

    Why trust the U.S. government when it never gave us a single reason to be trusted?

  • poems_and_dreams_ 13w

    When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.

    Lots of people don't even know how privileged they are, so reflect and be grateful.

  • poems_and_dreams_ 13w

    Only a few people care.

    The rest are just curious.

  • poems_and_dreams_ 14w

    You're not better than anyone else, don't listen to your ego.

    You're only better than your previous self.

    Keep striving for a better YOU.

  • poems_and_dreams_ 15w

    Your Library of Assumptions

    Just because I have
    a certain skin tone
    doesn't mean I lived
    a certain life...
    just because my family
    is from a certain country
    doesn't mean I have
    a certain childhood
    just because I have
    a certain identity
    doesn't mean you can
    be certain about me...
    so when you pick me
    off the shelf,
    be uncertain of my cover.

    Don't act like you know
    my story when you
    haven't even read my book.


  • poems_and_dreams_ 15w


    We no longer
    have to live our days
    with our lips stitched
    by the threads of
    those who silenced us.

    Let's unloosen our
    wounds and speak...
    our voices matter.


  • poems_and_dreams_ 15w


    Hindering my light
    won't make yours
    shine brighter.


  • poems_and_dreams_ 15w


    Your covetous eyes
    speak to me.
    I conquered
    this battle
    between us
    with my heart
    hidden within
    my core
    as a weapon,
    my soul as
    a waterfall
    of truth, and
    my spirit as
    a pond of
    the audacity to
    pin me against
    myself for your
    victory is the root
    of your own demise.
    You're bounded
    by your game of ruin
    while I'm growing
    into a tree of life.