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  • poemshespoke 10w

    A seed falls to ground
    The seed stays fallen
    Not even moving an inch
    The seed stays still


  • poemshespoke 11w

    By Braydon Lee
    18th May 2020
    12 years old

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    Lost love

    I was drawn to your flame,
    Inspired by it
    You brightened up my heart
    And I burned it with delight

    But the rain was to strong
    and the wind too was strong.
    Love and passion can't but
    When it's gone.

    On the coldest night
    I'll look for your glow
    Among the embers of your fiery soul

    I'll sift through the ashes of remains
    Of you, love
    In search of the spark my heart

    Finally lit up once again
    When the moon broke in half
    The stars fell and crumbled
    Falling like fireworks into the empty sea

    I watched my lover fall apart and leave
    That day she left me

  • poemshespoke 13w

    In the womb

    When my heart beats in sync with you
    And your breath becomes the melody
    that lulls me to sleep,
    Those time that I was in darkness,
    Was the time I was in peace,
    For I was in you safe sound and in love,
    But the love you gave,
    is even more when I was in the light,
    And much greater

    How I long to be within you


    In peace


  • poemshespoke 13w

    Absence of Light

    Caution before you enter
    For the wells are deep
    And the wall are steep

    Cause these darkness are mine to keep,
    From the voice that creeps,
    Into the depths of your vein,
    Right into your brain

    That starts from the cracks of my heart,

    Oh don't despair,
    for the cracks are not to heal,
    But reveals the light that are real,

    For it's from a broken heart,
    Of love that was lost,
    For it knows the pain,
    others could cause,

    For from these crack,
    Dawns not pain,
    but strength to pull others
    When other have tried,
    But in vain

    For within these cracks
    The light reigns


  • poemshespoke 13w


    Hands that held out to catch me
    Were the hands that were warm
    Though the weather was blizzard and storm

    Hands the held me close
    And gently touched my nose
    With each gentle smile
    That blooms like a new rose

    Hands that was strong to crush a bone
    Was gentle against my tender fingers
    A contrast of strength and gentleness
    Build upon trust alone.

    The hand that walked my small steps
    Towards the early days of education
    Was the hands that held me
    Before another set of hands received me.

    But how I wished,
    I never let this hands go,
    For these hands,
    that once was firm and strong,
    Is now shriveled and wrinkled

    And as I hold this hands
    for the very last time
    Still and cold

    Always searching for the warmth of the tender strong hands..


  • poemshespoke 14w

    In between lines

    When I am drenched
    with pain in my heart,
    And trying hard to fight back the tears
    As I try to walk past my dad quickly
    He stops me in my track....studies my face and asks "have you eaten, ma?"

    No flowery dialogue in the world
    Could fill the same amount of love that four words has spoken....

    The love in his eyes is enough...


  • poemshespoke 14w


    As I walk through the darkness
    Pitch black
    It seems like pure madness

    It blankets over you
    Breathing seems so cruel
    Will I walk it through
    Not if I find a fuel

    As I walk through the darkness
    Pitch black
    I find something to harnest

    To harness this darkness
    That I call my own
    With crayons
    Of black and frown

    But as I walk
    You came in
    Like a blizzard of light

    Where my eyes were blinded
    But not my heart
    For all the while

    It's this light I yearned for
    To tear through this blanket of darkness
    And take me into the light

    And here I am ready
    To ride into the great light.

  • poemshespoke 14w

    The silhouette light

    In the pitch dark night
    Where owls hoots
    And cicadas strum
    A consistent melody
    Of the natures hum

    Under the silhouette light
    It all becomes
    The dances of fairies and flickering bugs
    Into the darkness under the silhouette light

    In the silent stillness
    Awakens the natures dance
    Of growth and a beauty that captivates

    One should see the performance
    Of beauty under the silhouette light
    Where lovers pine of its beauty
    With words of love and beauty
    and of lovers plight

    But the silhouette light remains unscarred
    In the comparison of love, death,
    or a broken heart

    For the moon shines
    as the silhouette of the sun,
    For dark silhouette are
    a reflection of light

    And the moon shines bright
    as the silhouette of light.


  • poemshespoke 14w


    There is a message behind every smile.
    Listen closely
    You could hear the chime of joy
    Or the crackle of a shattered glass


  • poemshespoke 14w


    Deafening silence
    Distance from the souls
    Thats makes you function
    In every unction, but still you go

    Sometimes to be together in silence
    Is more painful than the distance

    For in the distance
    There is a pretending to be
    A mask to hide behind
    A masquerade of distance

    For within the walls
    Where the pretending fades
    The mask unveiled
    Emotions detailed

    Where closeness brings stench
    In which distance has well protected
    Closeness bring chaos
    When distance maintained peace

    Cause in closeness
    Everything is revealed.