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  • poetessa 5h

    Kodiak 4

    Blue and brown
    Eyes tell the story
    Both eyes pierce
    Both eyes sorry

    The story unfolds
    As told by a man
    The story is told
    Perspective at hand

    Called to the wild
    A small wolf pup
    Alone a long while
    Looking for what?

    Acting on impulse
    Not knowing his worth
    Raising pulse
    Springing to hurt

    Hunting his prey
    By the light of the moon
    Wanting to stay
    Needing to move

    Living his life
    On the wind of the hunt
    Avoiding all strive
    Avoiding all love


  • poetessa 1d

    Found Love

    Kiss me softly
    Hold me close and tight
    Dance with my slowly
    In the shadows of the night

    We sway with the tide
    Bodies pressed close together
    One with the ocean
    One with the other

    Moon, stars, and galaxies
    Continents separate us
    An ocean apart
    Yet no space between us

    Sharing a heart
    As it beats steady and strong
    The love we need to give
    There is no wrong

    The mysteries of life
    Unfold one by one
    We walk together slaying strife
    Surviving what’s to come

    A long life awaits
    Awoken to the light
    Consider as we contemplate
    And make plans for our life

    Living as one is our future
    To care for each other for life
    The love we share is mutual
    Lucky we are, having paid the price


  • poetessa 1d


    When all there is the end
    Finality and unfriend

    Years of damage and heartache
    And all you do is walk away

    Not willing to speak
    Avoiding, so weak

    Hateful speech
    Grow up you leech

    Search your heart
    We will never restart

    You fool, drunk with pride
    No longer on your side

    Gave you so much
    Betrayal all trust

    Loathing can't describe
    The feelings inside

  • poetessa 1d

    Kodiak Three

    The energy doesn't lie
    Let it take you high
    High up in the sky
    Where love never dies

    Trust in the light
    Try with all your might
    Give into the fight
    Don't take flight

    Love with open arms
    Heal past harms
    Listen with your ears
    Your heart yearns

    Kodiak is calm
    Heart pounding strong
    He isn't wrong
    Crying to beautiful love songs

    The moon brings balance
    Listening in silence
    The universe brings guidance
    Trust in your resilience

    Kodiak screams
    It is what it seems
    Catharsis in dreams
    Healing moon beams

    Forget the past
    Tomorrow comes fast
    Live today, make it last
    A moment in time, rest

  • poetessa 2d

    Kodiak Two

    Kodiak stares as he hunts his kill
    Perfectly focused he watches
    He waits until he has no more will
    With speed and agility he approaches

    His hunt tonight brings no joy
    The kill is only for nourishment
    He remembers his lost boy
    There is no fulfillment

    He reaches his prey with speed
    With skilled precision he strikes
    Quickly he takes down the steed
    Tonight it took all his might

    Plagued with loneliness he eats
    Consuming the meat to live
    He wonders why he seeks
    And continues to try to give

    He often ponders his purpose
    He sees a vision of death
    Feeling distraught and worthless
    He contemplates what is left

    Deep and his mind she exists
    The savior of his soul
    The Wolf Maiden bequests
    To him she is the whole

    The Wolf Maiden is his Queen
    The lost love he seeks
    Why is life so cruel, so mean
    When love and beauty exists


  • poetessa 2d

    Kodiak one

    The memories bring pain
    The memories are never the same
    The memories remain
    The memories, whose to blame

    The child within
    The child with sin
    The child begins
    The child hurts again

    The adult heals
    The adult feels
    The adult wills
    The adult kills

    The old man survived
    The old man cries
    The old man relied
    The old man died

    Kodiak howls
    Kodiak growls
    Kodiak avows
    Kodiak allows, the man to heal


  • poetessa 3d


    The hurt is real
    And it will kill
    The love we feel

    Be kind in love
    Look to the sky above
    Pure as a Snow White dove

    Love with friendship
    Needed for kinship
    Worth the hardship

    Know the worth
    Another rebirth
    Bury the hurt

    Confused now
    Wondering how
    Move forward somehow

    Are you my other
    I don’t want any other
    It’s worth the bother

    The universe we trust
    Energy between us
    Doesn’t lie or fuss

    Why harsh words
    No need to be curt
    Curt words hurt

    I’m sorry dear
    Don’t want to hear
    Now I fear

    Take the chance
    Win in romance
    Spirits enhance

  • poetessa 4d

    Wolf Queen

    Piercing blue eye
    Thunderous howl
    Loneliness cries
    Be patient right now

    Body light and agile
    Hunting the kill
    Although quite fragile
    He hunts with free will

    Watchful and protective
    He cares for his young
    Leading the collective
    He is the proud one

    Loneliness burdens
    As he loses his pack
    Living and yearning
    Wanting them back

    Aged and near death
    He contemplates life
    The lone wolf’s bequest
    Is to the Wolf Queen, his wife

    Take care, my dear Queen
    Time for me to go
    Life’s not what it seems
    There are mysteries, go slow


  • poetessa 5d

    Lost love

    Lost love
    Where are you
    Why is it I can’t find you
    Are you looking for me, too

    Lost love
    Will I ever find thee
    Do you hear me
    Open your eyes and see

    Lost love
    So many years
    So many tears
    So many fears

    Lost love
    Is it true
    Dreams are of you
    Are your dreams of me, too

    Lost love
    It is you
    It is me too
    Life no longer blue

    Found love
    From heaven above
    White like a dove
    Never again lost, beloved


  • poetessa 1w


    A moment in time
    Passes so quickly
    Can never rewind
    Missing you dearly

    A moment in time
    Gone forever
    Trying to find
    What’s been lost forever

    A moment in time
    Thinking of you
    My thoughts remind
    Oh how I’ve missed too

    A moment in time
    Standing silently alone
    Trying to be fine
    Not wanting to condone

    A moment in time
    Blissfully past
    Yes I did find
    Searching over, at last

    A moment in time
    The future is here
    You are now mine
    No longer fear