A poet, since I have a heart.

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  • poetforyou 1d

    Like the breeze that plays music with the leaves, your toes play the music on floor.

    As you dance up to the threshold of humane art, ecstacy exceeds its borders, breaking banks.

    Like the thunder accompanying lightning during the marvellous rain, your abhinaya accompanies your god-given beauty while dancing.

    To make all creatures happy, here you go dancing... with soul and love

  • poetforyou 1d

    In those eyes, I fell by will..
    And then learnt to swim....
    Until I reached your heart...
    And then I sank..

  • poetforyou 1d

    Girl in green

    Like the leaves cover the tender stem in a slim creeper,
    Your silky skirt covers your tender anatomy..

    Like the clouds surround the moon during romance,
    My thoughts surround you to radiate an aura

    Have you ever felt the aura that has made tou brighter than other

  • poetforyou 1d

    My poems
    The honey
    in you.

  • poetforyou 1d

    Let us turn clayey
    And mix up
    Let us get drenched
    And dissolve
    Let us become air
    And diffuse

    In each other

  • poetforyou 2d

    She - Will you hurt me like others have ?

    He - Dear. I won't be the wound on you. I will be the ointment for the wounds on you.

  • poetforyou 2d


    And the lost moments get reminded
    My heart beats the last, reciting her name

  • poetforyou 2d

    I write, because
    There is no better way for
    The Renaissance of
    My conscience

  • poetforyou 2d

    Love is more about
    Closing the wounds
    Opening the wardrobes

  • poetforyou 3d

    Am the only one
    Who can identify
    Colours and Shades
    So far unseen
    On you
    By anyone