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  • poeticjusticeforgirls 31w


    On this journey, the turbulence is ridiculous.
    If I don't crash now, I'll never!

  • poeticjusticeforgirls 32w


    I walk through the valley but it's not dark
    But I'll be led through the valley of the shadow of death.
    I'm scared of the dark,
    But the valley isn't really dark
    So I don't need help
    But In death I need help
    Because I don't want to die.

  • poeticjusticeforgirls 33w

    It's easy to live without me.
    Take your chances,

  • poeticjusticeforgirls 33w

    Take a long walk, you'll be fine.

  • poeticjusticeforgirls 35w

    In black and white

    Words in black and white don't lie.
    Vaguely I scribble on pages,
    But it all makes sense.
    Words hold me in high esteem,
    So I don't lie to them when I scribble.
    They can testify they're in black and white,
    Their true form.
    They are the truth dished out for munchies.

  • poeticjusticeforgirls 35w

    Rose gift

    Nature, send me a beautiful gift.
    A soul so pure,
    His smile is a wellspring of laughter.

    My charming rose whose thorns can only bleed gold,
    His redness an overdose of joy not pain.
    His heart hears mine,
    So I don't have to scream!

    Every time I crave for this, a little voice says I don't deserve it.
    Your voice.
    The voice of my charming rose
    Rebuking me!
    "seek the kind of love you give".

  • poeticjusticeforgirls 35w


    You taught me to always say sorry,
    Sorry heals.
    Another decorated lie to get my lips to speak,
    You really don't want my apology.
    There are thoughts you have been married to,
    Thoughts like I'm proud.
    So anytime I say sorry you know I dropped my pride,
    You just want an award and not my apology.
    I hope you put it up in a frame,
    I'm letting you win by gradually letting you go.