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  • poeticlycan101 1w

    It must be spring
    Where the rain falls
    And the birds sing

    It must be here
    Watching flowers bloom
    And the cold disappear

  • poeticlycan101 3w

    I've been up til three last night
    Smoking and watching my plants die
    My zippo is the only light I can see
    But my liquor says there's no hope for me

    I shower away every bad thing I've known
    Because I know in life even snakes have to slither alone
    When the sun shines down at me at noon
    It only reminds me of how much I miss the moon

    There isn't a harder lesson to abide
    Than the one that I hide
    In the deepest pockets of my mind
    That is a place not even I could find

    Every night I'll sit in this dark empty room
    Waiting for morning so my life can resume
    Listening to the echos of every breath and sigh
    All while watching my plants die

  • poeticlycan101 4w

    This is a snippet of a song I'm currently trying to write ✍

    #varsharock @joan53

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    Just like the joker in a game of cards
    I'm useless and always misplaced
    I am no ace, no, I am no ace

  • poeticlycan101 4w

    He lies hidden in the tall grass
    A chunky black cat
    Who loves the tickle of the blades of grass
    He waits for a mouse to pass by
    He quietly waits and waits
    Eventually drifting off into a cat nap

  • poeticlycan101 5w

    My body decieves me
    I'm as happy as can be
    I no longer feel sad and sick
    Actually I feel euphoric
    I think maybe I can stop the pill
    And not bother with the refill
    I'm feeling super excited
    My world is finally nice and quiet
    I'll be reminded of my mistake yea
    When the depression snuffs out my euphoria

  • poeticlycan101 5w

    The sky is full of colors
    Like we're all underwater
    I'm just a fighter which whom
    Is wearing her mom's perfume
    I just woke up and I'm out of bed
    I'm only getting older and I don't feel bad
    My love led me nowhere
    But to a romantic nightmare
    Reality holds only a ghost of truth
    So ill just sit in the insanity booth

  • poeticlycan101 5w

    @lovenotes_from_carolyn I'm sorry to disturb you, but someone seems to have hacked into @joan53 account. There also seems to be a network issue. She can see posts, but not comment on them. She wants me to tell you that you had written a beautiful poem and wanted to say that she loved it and thought it to be beautiful.

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  • poeticlycan101 6w

    If you don't have the key
    To the cage you're locked in
    Life will surely suck
    So please be kind
    And pass your fellow thief a lock pick

  • poeticlycan101 6w

    Footprints in the ashes

    Footprints in the ashes
    They have been there a little while
    The sky is foggy but thats ok
    She continues to play and collect shells
    At least thats what her daddy called them
    But he hasn't been here in a while
    She follows the footprints
    Making some of her own
    She hums the song her mom sang to her
    Before she fell asleep
    She is a big girl now and has to go on
    And follow the trail the grownups left
    It will lead her to the sun that ran away

  • poeticlycan101 7w

    May your passions burn
    As hot as your cigars
    And your life be as spontaneous
    As a well shuffled deck of cards