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  • poeticvibe99 1w


    The salt named taunts
    Did fall,
    On my failure named bleeding skin
    Just to provoke me inside
    Making me desperate for that success ride.

  • poeticvibe99 2w

    I wish you could see it through my eyes
    Why is it tough to be so wise
    I wish you could see it through my eyes
    You betraying my love through constant lies

    I wish you could feel it with my heart
    Storing so many emotions in my cart
    I wish you could feel it with my heart
    The way you cheated & we broke apart

  • poeticvibe99 3w


    Start it from writing the right date tomorrow on-wards thats your first step if you are opting for perfection as the new year resolution.

  • poeticvibe99 3w

    Feel the void in my veins
    Be the blood for my pains
    Trust me
    I will be your umbrella in the rains
    Or may be the ink for your pens


  • poeticvibe99 3w

    You did fall for me
    Smith falls for ashwin


  • poeticvibe99 3w


    Yes i expect you should talk to me
    Yes i expect you should initiate things
    If you have expectations so do i
    If you ask for something i never ask why

    Yes you have time for everyone except me
    Yes you have time for everything why not me
    If you need something i am already there
    Its not just for fun dear i do care

    If you have no vibes do not friendzone
    If you Like someone else let me know
    Yes if i invest time in you i will expect attention
    Yes if i make you feel special i will need the same

    Don't block my way if you don't want to walk together
    Let me also enjoy the beautiful weather
    Don't play my heart just because your PSP ain't working
    Let me get someone who makes me feel like a king.

  • poeticvibe99 3w


    She rented my heart & made it her home
    She left me alone in her created dome
    To search her everywhere i did roam
    Broken Was my heart & so was the home.

  • poeticvibe99 3w


    She kept me on read
    To grab her attention i posted on my feed
    She ignored & i burried myself like a seed
    Blooming into something better was tough indeed

    She always came when in need
    She was attracted to me as if i am a weed
    Now it was my time to take the lead
    I realised her hunger, i saw her greed

    I smiled & said, sorry dear kid
    Try someone else, do good deed
    Again i went underground myself to hide
    Enjoying the gleeful life & its ride.


  • poeticvibe99 4w

    Breathing went faster and eyes did close
    Fragnance of her lipstick was similar to rose
    The tickling of butterflies did arose
    Entangled the lips with promises and vows

    The burning lips in the heat of the moment
    Luring aroma of her scrumptious scent

    Slowly her arms went around the waist
    My hands on her neck did perfectly rest

    She gave me a smirk a naughty grin
    I want her to stay in my kith & kin
    She took my shoulder to lean
    These mere words can't explain what it's been.

  • poeticvibe99 4w


    Don't believe on what others say
    Give your time to that person one day
    Then decide whether to leave or stay

    Don't advice someone based on your views
    It's simply a sheep herd like that of news
    Meet him as a stranger without any clues

    Don't shower your anger on one who cares
    Don't think it's love cause she/he cutely stares
    It's human tendency to love the one who dares