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  • poetry_oleilah 3w

    The Nights

    My favorite time of day

    Isn't the day at all,

    It's late into the night

    When you are all mine.

    When your mind stops spinning,

    When you're really with me,

    When I can feel your skin

    For hours on end.

    With your arms around me

    I can pretend you love me;

    Your smell surrounds me

    And I'm truly happy.

    My heart breaks every sunrise

    With the dawn,

    With every morning you kiss me

    And go for your coffee,

    And I'm not ready

    To let you go.

    ©Leilah Eirynne

  • poetry_oleilah 6w


    I wish I was as tough
    As you think I am.
    As strong
    As the girl you see.
    So damn unbreakable,
    So damn steady.
    The truth is I'm shattered glass
    Barely holding my form;
    Hoping it will last.
    My broken shards and slivers
    Always slipping away
    Leaving chinks in my armor
    Presenting my weaknesses plain
    I'm not as tough as you think I am
    Or as strong as the girl you see
    I'm so goddamn fragile,
    So ready to break.
    Maybe you should run for it
    Avoid the mess I'll make.

  • poetry_oleilah 7w


    Your skin is soothing
    When I'm feeling high strung.
    When I'm lost in the dark
    Your smile lights me up.
    In my worst moments
    Your voice is a song.

    When I'm reaching to feel your skin
    Or searching for your smile,
    It's to calm the storm within.
    I could listen to you talk about nothing
    Until the world ends.
    I hope you'll stay til then.

    ©Leilah Eirynne

  • poetry_oleilah 7w

    In your head

    Oh, what I'd give
    To be in your head,
    Just for a moment
    To see what you see
    When you look at me.
    To know I'm not diving
    In an empty pool,
    To know that I mean
    Something to you.
    I know who you are.
    I see you, my love.
    I know you wouldn't hurt me,
    I know you wouldn't lie,
    But it's so hard to believe
    This is where you want to be.
    I feel like I'm wading hip deep
    In my own insecurities,
    And one look through your eyes,
    One moment in your beautiful mind
    Could show me what I need to see.
    Maybe then, I could sleep.

    ©Leilah Eirynne

  • poetry_oleilah 8w

    Worth It

    Knowing you is
    I can think of no one

    Being with you is
    My heart beats loud as

    Loving you is
    I can't get any

    Touching you is
    My body torn

    Missing you is
    My insecurities grow

    But, having you is
    Worth it.
    I don't deserve the

    ©Leilah Eirynne

  • poetry_oleilah 8w

    In my Head

    Some days it's hard
    To believe in the good things.
    My mind wants so badly
    To taint them.

    Some days it's impossible
    To believe that you love me.
    My head is constantly

    But know that I love you
    And that I want this,
    No matter how brooding
    My thoughts get.

    ©Leilah Eirynne

  • poetry_oleilah 9w


    I wonder if maybe
    I made a mistake,
    But not for me. For you.
    I don't want to walk away.
    I couldn't if I tried,
    Just the thought makes me cry.

    Though, I wonder if maybe
    Had I stayed away,
    Those ghosts wouldn't haunt you.
    Would it have started to fade
    If not for you and I?
    Would the daggers still fly?

    I'm so damn sorry, baby
    For not seeing what was at stake.
    I never thought it could hurt you,
    Never thought I'd bring you pain.
    The very thought of tears in your eyes
    Brings them straight to mine.

    I thought that maybe
    I was risking heartbreak,
    But for me. Not you.
    And I still want to stay.
    But if that's not what you need this time
    I'll let you go; you won't see me cry.

    ©Leilah Eirynne

  • poetry_oleilah 9w


    I want to see that look in your eyes
    When your body is pressed against mine,
    The smile that graces your lips
    Right before we kiss,
    The satisfaction on your face
    When I'm groaning your name,
    The sheen of sweat across your skin
    That makes me want to do it again.

    I want to taste the sweetness of your lips,
    Nearly every inch of your skin,
    The curve of your shoulder,
    The bones at your hips.
    I want to taste your salt on my tongue
    While you're coming undone.

    I want to feel your hair in my hands
    While your head is between my thighs,
    And then I want your hands in mine.
    I want to feel your breath on my skin,
    Your teeth on my neck,
    Your fingers digging in.
    I want to feel you deep inside me,
    Again and again and again.


  • poetry_oleilah 9w


    That night, I almost broke down.
    I looked at the message you sent
    And nearly let myself drown
    In the thought of your oblivion.

    I hadn't thought of you in so long,
    You were so far gone,
    Until I didn't want to be strong
    And I found myself scared and alone.

    I realized something, then.
    You were an easy escape
    A perfect distraction,
    And I self- medicate.

    It wasn't about you at all,
    So easily replaced by the alcohol,
    You were just another fix
    And I'm just another addict.


  • poetry_oleilah 9w


    I wanted to touch you
    To breathe you in
    I wanted to kiss you
    To taste your skin
    I never wanted to love you
    To need your heat
    I thought I could have you
    Just once and be free
    I should've known better
    Than lying to me
    One touch
    One breath
    One kiss
    One taste
    Will never be enough to walk away
    To say the things that I should say
    And let you go on your own way.
    I'm sorry that I can't let you go,
    That I just can't tell you no,
    And now we're both doomed, you see.
    Because I need you to fall in love with me.