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  • poetryandlyrics 2w

    I don't speak for when I do you don't listen.
    My opinion doesn't matter even when it was right.
    Everything is just all about you and nothing of me.
    The only reason I'm still here is because I love you.
    But I won't stay forever, you know I won't.
    One day I'm gonna fly away and I'll be free.


  • poetryandlyrics 6w


    Remember who you are, never forget.
    The real you is beautiful, don't be a fake.
    Everyone defines beauty in different ways.
    Remember who you are, never forget.

    Remember who you are, never forget.
    Don't be someone you know you're not.
    Trying to be a mirror image, a copy cat.
    Remember who you are, never forget.

    Remember who you are, never forget.
    Love all your imperfections, your scars.
    They make you unique, special.
    Remember who you are, never forget.

    6:00 pm

  • poetryandlyrics 6w

    Every part of you is beautiful.
    Even those scars you hide from me.
    Dear, you already look good.
    Your imperfections is perfect for me.

    1:59 pm

  • poetryandlyrics 6w

    Wear my words like clothes.
    Wear it like it's yours.
    Love it like I do.
    Taste it until you're full.
    For my words are like food.
    It nourishes your soul.

    9:48 am

  • poetryandlyrics 6w

    I often wonder why I stay in the dark.
    Others are scared and would run away.
    But I love it, I love it here.
    There's beauty I think in the things I can't see.
    Others will never understand and perhaps never will.
    But I love it, I love it here.

    8:16 am

  • poetryandlyrics 6w

    I lost you and I was broken.
    You left and I was alone.
    You took my light with you.
    Now I roam the dark again.


  • poetryandlyrics 7w

    I've enjoyed the cold of winter.
    Embrace the breeze of spring.
    Breath the fragrance of summer.
    Dance with the wind of fall.
    Every season brings a different joy.
    A different vibe to my being.
    Life is beautiful as I know it.
    Even if it rains once in a while.
    I've learned to love what I have.
    And just enjoy the simple things.
    Not expecting too much.
    Just thankful and contented of being me.
    Now I'm happy and free.


  • poetryandlyrics 7w

    They hunt in packs.
    They'll tear you apart.
    Piece by piece chewing your flesh.
    Muscles, organs, down to your bones.
    Until blood stops running your veins.
    They don't pick victims.
    After all food is food for hungry wolves.


  • poetryandlyrics 8w

    The dark is full of madness.
    Madness that's taking me deep.
    Deeper than a rabbit hole.
    Leaving a hole to my soul.
    This soul that's tired and weary.
    Weary in search of answers.
    Answers that leaves more questions.
    Questions like, who I am?
    Am I really where I should be?
    Should I be here or should I be there?
    There's a place for me I know.
    I know there's a time for everything.
    Everything he had planned for me.
    For me, patience is a key.
    A key I had it all along with me.
    Within, waiting when the light will finally reach me.


  • poetryandlyrics 8w

    Having you are the best days of my life.
    You made me feel beautiful inside and out.
    You made this shy girl into a soldier.
    You taught me to be strong and be a fighter.
    You said I have to be tough.
    In a world that's dark and rough.
    Thank you for all the love.
    See you in another life.