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  • poetryandlyrics 2d

    It's hard to sleep sometimes
    Thanks to painful memories that keeps on coming back
    Drowning my pillows at night
    Reminding me of the weaknesses I have
    I wish I could vanish them in my head
    But I can't and the're probably gonna hunt me for the rest of my life

    //Kali, 6:00pm 06/14/2019//

  • poetryandlyrics 2d

    You wanted me to change
    When I did, everything seemed....strange
    I found myself at a lost
    As if everything around me is at a pause
    I look at the mirror and was surprise
    Oh my, I can't believe my eyes
    Who is this girl I see?
    This girl is not me.

    //Kali, 5:45pm 06/14/2019//

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  • poetryandlyrics 1w

    Open your mind to the universe.
    And the universe will reveal its secret to you.

    //Kali, 9:07am 06/11/2019//

  • poetryandlyrics 1w


    From a distance I stood and watch.
    Underneath a tree where you can't see me.
    Where I can touch you with my eyes.
    Where I can call you mine.

    I love you but you don't know.
    I exist and you don't have a clue.
    I know a lot about you.
    I have a name and I wish you knew.

    I follow you wherever you go.
    I mean no harm I just want to be with you.
    When you cry I shed tears too.
    When you laugh I'm laughing also.

    One day I hope to meet you.
    Hold your hand like lovers do.
    Make you feel you're not alone.
    I'm here, I'm always here for you.

    Kali 06/10/2019

  • poetryandlyrics 1w

    Thundering whispers echoes through the night.
    Lullabies of sweet sorrows and unending lies.
    They play over and over like a record in my head.
    As I lay awake, cold and motionless in my bed.
    It's not easy to fight a war raging from within.
    There's no where to hide and I don't know where or how to begin.
    It keeps on pulling me faster and deeper down.
    It keeps on pinning me, holding me, and lay me on the ground.
    I can't wait for the light to come and end my misery.
    I wish the sun never sets and stays bright above me.
    I'm tired of being in the dark and often misunderstood.
    I need a voice to guide me and a hand to hold.

    //Kali, 9:19am 06/06/2019//

  • poetryandlyrics 2w


    The night is cold but I had you in my arms.
    We made love as the moon watches above us.
    Like wildfire we burst with every touch.
    Leaving sinful marks like tattoos on our backs.
    For when the morning comes we'll be strangers once more.
    Waiting for another stolen night behind closed doors.
    Wishing one day our love will be among the stars.
    As we dance once again with our sexy dark scars.

    // Kali, 06/05/2019//

  • poetryandlyrics 2w

    She is my angel and she is my doom.
    She is my friend but an enemy too.
    She walks with me in the blinding light.
    And in darkness she holds my hand.
    She was me and I was her.
    We are two but we are one.

    //Kali, 12:39pm 06/04/2019

  • poetryandlyrics 2w

    Learning to love and trust people means that you'll have to embrace tears and hurt in the process after all it is part of the package.

    //Kali, 06/04/2019//

  • poetryandlyrics 2w

    Your silence has the loudest cry.
    Screaming from your big brown eyes.
    No matter how hard you try.
    You can't keep them hidden behind lies.

    //Kali, 5:02pm 06/03/2019//