�� if you want to see the best in you! try seen the best in evreyone.��

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    A thought: when I see then I define, one's I define I can acknowledge then compare to know if it's new to me or the knowing is something I already know. But things can be the same and look differently.

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    The sense of knowing before understanding is a lesson in the making.

    To know and understand is merely a meeting of what's next.

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    HOla mirakeenos que Dios Los vending a todos��

    This is my opinion and how I feel about mostly probably with maybe but forsure that I'm a chicken that has not put out merely what our maker knows we can. But think to much because choices are so many . But everyone is a different one.

    A thought: who dies believing that most of the time was a waist of time.

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    The time I get from life is not the same time I give for living.

    As I grow and age and exist. I see too feel ashame for my return of no profit. I realize that one will owe more than been owed in all aspects imaginable before one dies. I'm in dept with life for living in it's time. and mostly
    Letting it run .

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    Hello mirakeenos God bless you all always.

    A thought: "Aushua" the name needs no translation but salvation. I belief little things like this show much we would change something secret just to make pronouncing easier. And a name is suppose to be unique there for not changed ever.
    We are wrong because we are calling wrong.

    I love Aushua son of God. ������

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    Half the problem of correct respect is that our hearts have been loving lazy.

    Aushua is the real name of the son God" our brother. He's name we haven't translated we replaced it. I wish I knew my brothers real name from the start. Because i would have respected of all in the world "Aushua"is a beautiful name and we should all learn it. And call him what marry and Joseph's heart named him in the name of God.

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    Hello mirakeenos God is beautiful you're beautiful.

    A thought. Whether I can or can't.
    I know I want too.

    Thank you Bros and sis poets.

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    More than I think I can..
    Is I want too!


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    A thought. Been missed or missing someone is love by thought, memory and feelings.. but it's not the pass that attached the present and future. Its really making it truly and love only at it's finest.

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    When already your are been missed. Love will knock by always ringing you're ears.


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    Hello mirakeenos God bless you all poets we are survivalists. Loyalist because no one is fatherless.

    A thought: before knowledge is ignorance after knowing only putting it to work matters.

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    You will Guess always before you know.


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    Hello mirakeenos god bless you all.thanks for a second to read my bleed.

    "The one day when lie found truth"

    The day"
    That' a day,
    skipped noon.
    And found soon
    "To be a now"
    A now with moon..

    And It took night"
    alot of light.
    Too see it was
    far from bright.

    Isn't it the "Sight"
    that one day said.?
    Look at this view
    These is what you see"
    And you can choose
    what you saw.

    And pick to tell a lie"
    for you are chosen
    with sight that's blind to all.
    But stick with the truth
    And wait for believe
    To make true...

    In real time" Stars are light.
    In real life the night sees shine.

    In a lie the truth must be a fact.
    thanks to fake
    "make belief...
    Can say it loves back.

    The truth is"
    that lie" is completely right
    when know one believes.

    It can't be correct.
    But it's it wrong
    That lie can fight stay a lie
    Because it's suppose for lie
    what's right..

    The right of wrong is the making of truth.
    But The wrong in right is that wrong
    is always right next to wrong.

    Get to know my mind
    And start to build my death.
    And when finally put to rest.
    It's when you encounter
    the feeling of blessed.

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    The one day when lie❎ found truth


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    Hello mirakeenos God bless all the souls that love to live.

    Belongings are longing
    And are Blooming so late.!

    Our strenght is coming
    From loyalty too faith.

    It's the givers"
    that are the honest gifts."
    They, and there deed"
    was the blessing"
    to what put back lots
    of the worlds bleed.

    we been a Deed ourselves
    is growing like seed to see everything that's around.

    we belong inn" what we carry.
    And we're on" what we are thinking.!
    And living for what we know soon will be leaving.

    tears are the treats of rain
    fear is in the heart with pain.

    signs of poetic lines
    And symbols that lost shine.

    but the stain we obtain
    solace will lift the glory when sustained.

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    The world would sound if a heart it found.


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    scathe an act that pushes Faith
    to a space of no desired face!...
    it's indeed a fact.!
    that there's know place
    that intentional harm
    could plea a case.

    it's for doing"
    that there's a done.!
    And it's the leaving
    in why it stays gone.
    but because heart had presence"
    And giving" gave a gift.
    to all" now unfolding "
    is "remembrance"
    To lesson in life.
    The blessing of bleeding
    The feelings of our love.
    the search for love In thoughts"
    as live goes on...
    a present that brings back
    past to present..
    accompanied by pleasantly delighted.
    and soon it leaves"
    but it leaves leaving me
    living and loving only
    thoughts to hold.
    Knowing And excepting
    That we get old
    Understanding that memories
    Leave and live and come back..
    There not meaning that there leaving
    There showing you they are yours!

    ➡A thought that hunts is of pain coming from missing or trust but hurt the same..

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    Sweet when fruit is on its way
    But water is sour before sugar grows in canes.
    And You my sweetheart bloom that dress to sour and sweet, and every imaginable flavor the wind can swing between.

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    Hello mirakeenos God bless you all.. Thank your awesome time too read my bleed.
    I wrote this for those getting ready not to die but live with love forever.

    ⌚Time is old"
    But rotten is time.⏳

    So it's the clock that
    That's slow to die..⌛

    the present knows only now,
    and can't lie' to the pass.
    For the pass is dead
    a second before now.

    making body's"
    The only ones to grow.
    Making life'
    The only one
    Too lay In rows.

    The soul accumulates life
    And those not age,
    It just always goes.
    It's our skulls that loose glow.
    When the day's bring beige.

    The soul with or without life"
    Has always been ghost.
    We live after death
    AND that's that!
    You know..!

    Nothing ages were
    It most matters.

    No man is born a coward
    Each is guided
    towards heading forward.

    Not one place"
    Has a different pace..

    When has a race seen
    always the same face.

    Our emotions are the one's
    that leave trace.
    Before the end of present page.

    But not before I love you...
    more and more
    As days become less
    For a day that last forever.
    And moments that have know end...������ to �� and then back again�� and back to on.��

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    Because time ends is why we die.
    And that's why we door to eternity.