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  • poetryly 1d

    Pic credit - Daily Mail seen on Pinterest

    Feelings real or not,
    can be experienced by anyone in society..

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    Sibling Rivalry

    Feeling the pain of
    appearing the least;
    royally straining
    the family bonds.

  • poetryly 1w

    Pic credit - The Journey Blog ...article on Pinterest from Medium by Chhavi Kumar on lessons we can learn from Sisyphus and his rock. on

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    Foolish Advice
    goes against
    Common sense;
    akin to giving counsel
    to push a rock uphill.

  • poetryly 1w

    Tick Tock!

    Time never stops
    even when the clock
    cease ticking.

  • poetryly 1w

    Pic credit - Amsterdam Canvass Print by Rongrong DeVoe

    In residential neighborhoods behind closed doors & shaded windows it not readily reveal
    if it’s truly a home or a tragic house on the same street.

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    the good, bad, and ugly of life
    can be beneficial learned
    lessons in a home
    OR immorally forced
    experiences within a house.

  • poetryly 1w

    Recently, a friend and I were discussing people reactions in the midst of a pandemic and she said “this is quiet before the storm” which inspired me to write & remembered how the Bible forecasted “critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness,, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God.” - 2 Timothy 3:1-4

    While “the scene of this world is changing” are we keeping track of the quiet before the storm” or we caught up in humans nature?

    I’m pondering myself 🤔

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    Quiet before the storm;
    purposely not focusing on
    the changing climate scene.

    Caught up in unnecessary drama
    bent on rising temperatures.

    Winds steadily increasing
    into a heavy sea breeze.

    Quiet before the storm;
    blatantly disobeying nature’s laws.

    Winds gathering its military forces
    before the hurricane actually hits.

    Quiet before the storm;
    defiantly citing paper privileges.

    Torrid weather steadily gathering on
    the upcoming horizon.

    Shameless dismal of the forecast,
    only personal desires matter.

    Demanding sole right to
    adventure out;
    nullifying six degree of separation.

    Professing liberty outweighs death;
    how many needlessly become
    the uncounted dead left in the wake.

    For survivors,
    it’s even worse
    than catching the flu.

    Bodies like the ocean,
    may never fully recovered
    from its virus pollution.

    as time has proven many times,
    the quiet before the storm;
    cunningly the deadliest,
    lulling a false sense of calm
    within humans nature.

  • poetryly 1w

    Pic credit - from psocoterapiaspsoclogozuqie found on Pinterest

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    Vacant hole where’s my heart
    originally used to belong.
    Refilling the desolated cavern
    with empty promises.
    A temporary fix.
    Deceiving myself,
    believing it will fill the gap.
    Wishful thinking,
    leaving a permanent void.

  • poetryly 1w

    Pic credit - by Christopher King on Dreamtimes Stock photos

    3 words describing repetition..

    Repetition...struck on repeat like a broken record on a good or bad beat....struck on repeat like a broken record on a good or bad beat...struck on repeat...

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    Struck on repeat.

  • poetryly 2w

    Pic credit - by Fourar Amira found on Amira Mimi Pinterest board.

    Are you wearing one?

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    Putting on my false face,
    covering the real truth.
    Hiding my tears behind
    a cracked smiling mask.
    Wondering how many
    others are donning one;
    fooling one another.

  • poetryly 2w

    Pic credit - photo taken by poetryly

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    Sad Writing Mood

    Yet, I truly wanna write,
    just insert my dismal words
    into my compassion pen.
    Consoling my silently weeping
    by splattering my torrid thoughts
    upon a crumble sheet of paper.
    I’m not quite feeling smooth lines today.
    You see, I’m in a sad writing mood.
    I can’t seem to compose anything
    except for this gloomy scrawl;
    positively my writing dilemma
    Yet, I truly wanna write.

  • poetryly 2w

    Pic credit - Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat found on PBS kids seen on Pinterest.

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    “Feeling Dr Suessy”

    He’s struck in a rut
    with a ladybug in a jug.

    He’s struck in a tent
    with a crazy cat in a hat.

    He’s struck in a house
    with himself
    and no one else.

    Since Corna-19,
    it’s only been him
    with his bored pen.

    Writing serious
    plus lightweight stuff
    like this silly fluff.