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  • poetryoutloud 13w

    Late in night when the lovers meet
    Theif comes out
    The nightingale sings
    A soul weeps

  • poetryoutloud 13w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word micro-tale on Unspoken

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    Her silent scream fills the void

  • poetryoutloud 13w

    Let's get real.
    It hight tme now isn't it?

  • poetryoutloud 41w

    Last night I saw you
    We held each others eye
    I saw the look in those stormy eyes
    The love was gone
    Hate was all I could see
    You looked away
    As if i am a
    black Memory
    © poetry.out.loud__

  • poetryoutloud 41w

    Sometimes the only escape I find is too often
    Your delight full eyes .
    Even if you are out of my sight

  • poetryoutloud 41w

    Don't you see the stars
    How they shine
    Even in the dark .