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  • poetrypool 9w


    Though you are born of pain,
    You've been like the rain,
    And I find myself lost again,
    In your waters, uncertain,
    Uncertain if I'll ever be,
    Free from this existence, and finally
    Know what it is to be truly happy

  • poetrypool 10w


    I'm unsure about tomorrow,
    If it will bring joy or sorrow,
    Will things ever be as they were before,
    I am unsure, I don't know any more,
    And I see the shadows grow,
    And they are hard to overlook and ignore,
    I try to tear down my fears,
    I try not to break into tears,
    Yet I long to cry, I carry a thunderstorms inside,
    And I find myself tossed with the tide,
    Of uncertainty, loss and defeat,
    Yet a voice inside me stirs me to meet,
    And find myself lost in chaos

  • poetrypool 10w

    Way of the world

    You often find yourself powerless,
    against the waves of loneliness,
    And though you hope to suppress,
    The feeling it grows intense.
    And though you hope to hold,
    Your heart together and be bold,
    You find the pieces falling apart,
    You find yourself lost, knowing not where to start,
    Start putting them back together again

  • poetrypool 10w

    Your road

    Paved in pristine purness,
    Your life is journey, don't live it to impress,
    Don't be a slave to success,
    You will fall, you will crawl,
    You will meet wall after wall,
    You will cry many times beyond recall,
    Yet don't let life drag you into despair,
    For you are someone rare,
    The world needs you, not an impersonation,
    Of another, the world needs your soul,
    We are all pieces of one whole,
    Even when you find yourself lost and hopeless,
    Even when you feel that you are a complete mess,
    Someone out there might be shedding tears,
    To have what you have every day for years,
    So don't fret on what's gone away,
    Focus on the little things you take for granted every day