Words unspoken beneath the surface. I have to find use of keeping my words inside my own head so here are my emotions poured out.

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  • poetrythatspeaks 2w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Ungrateful

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    Guilty conscience
    How ungrateful she felt

  • poetrythatspeaks 3w

    I will leave the light on
    Just in case you have the time,
    To notice I'm still waiting for you to come by,
    And the door I will unlock
    Just you I'm waiting for
    No visitors have came by,
    but that's just fine
    I rather have all your time,
    instead of a stranger stopping by

  • poetrythatspeaks 3w

    Each sunset I met was foreign to me
    They all showed their true colors
    Some were bright as the moon that sits alone in the sky

    Then the others were scattered across the sky
    Like a painters canvas waiting for the end
    Waiting for the bigger picture in life

  • poetrythatspeaks 5w

    I hope you can take a chapter from my life
    And learn something from it
    When everyone around you is excelling
    Doesn't mean you're falling
    Or just because you think you look like a fool
    It wouldn't mean that you are too

    They think they found what they want in life
    There's always time to change their minds
    That's why you have all this time
    To decide what you want to do in your life

  • poetrythatspeaks 7w

    Even the shortest sentences can crumple you
    "I'm done."
    "I can't."
    "I'm leaving."
    And "hello."

    The hello turns into a goodbye unexpectedly
    The unexpected can hurt us unexpectedly

  • poetrythatspeaks 7w

    If I could wish before I blow out the flame
    And it would come true
    Then it would be you

    You grazing my soft red cheeks
    As my cerulean eyes stare up at you
    While my slender fingers fits tightly through yours

    Just hold me close
    And let's fall asleep
    Under the cotton white sheets

    And awake next to each other

    Instead of in other states

  • poetrythatspeaks 11w

    She's been trudging alone in the snow
    No accompany to keep close
    Or a lamp post to guide her home

    Where is home?
    What is this home she's looking for
    She's too foreign with the word
    It left her cold so long ago

  • poetrythatspeaks 12w

    Worries are life threatening
    When your whole entire mind is entangled
    And the idea is to keep your head above the surface

  • poetrythatspeaks 12w

    Wish you knew these poetry pieces are about you
    Would you change your mind
    Or turn back time
    To say I'm sorry for one last time

  • poetrythatspeaks 12w

    She occupied her time comparing other canvases
    That she never looked at her own
    And realized how appealing hers was