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  • poietes 8w

    "It is..taking me a long time
    to get to the top!
    That's because...
    I am carrying my
    self~respect with me!"


  • poietes 9w

    Kingdom of God
    "We were not saved to divide, but to conquer."


  • poietes 28w

    "I want my life to out live the breath in my lungs."

    ~Dream Center ▪︎ Los Angeles, California


  • poietes 28w

    "I can..."

    "I can get tired of using commas
    I can get tired of of "religious restrictions"
    I can get tired of the B.S.
    I can get tired of all the hate
    // division, hypocritical
    divisive rhetoric
    Periods....can be the best!
    I am tired...of so much Ignorance
    It's time to use exclamation points!
    symbols for swear words
    they are descriptive of hell
    don't want to kill with my words
    I have to remember when tired....
    to run...after wisdom...
    shut my words do not cause
    spiritual death
    my blessings shall never cease
    I am more than....
    ▪︎steady courage ▪︎boldness
    Unconditional Love ▪︎
    when I do all.....I can!
    ©poietes ▪︎soulstreetpoetry

  • poietes 31w

    "I am shouting the...."F...." Word!"
    F A I T H! ▪︎ Believe ▪︎Faith works! In God's Kingdom


  • poietes 34w

    “You either walk▪︎x▪︎x▪︎x
    inside your story
    and... [ own it ]
    or !!
    ▪︎x▪︎x▪︎x you stand 》》》 outside
    your story and ◇ ◇ ◇ hustle
    for your ☆☆☆ worthiness.”
    ... Brenė Brown


  • poietes 35w

    "When you’re small, they’ll dismiss you; when you’re growing, they’ll criticize you; and when you’re large, they’ll resent you. So ignore ‘them’ and get on with whatever God has told you to do!" ~Jay Haizlip

  • poietes 37w

    "Don't let your life evaporate...
    with a stroke of a pen"


  • poietes 41w

    "Baby, I am...the Reason
    You had... that Season!"

    soulstreetpoetry candrade

  • poietes 45w

    "Get Up & Try Again...."