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  • pooja17 17h


    It's very easy to come out from calm waves of soothing ocean
    But very difficult to move out from stormy waves of tsunami **

  • pooja17 17h

    Holi hai bhai; holi hai
    Rang birangi holi hai
    Rang lagao ;gulaal lagao
    Sabko apna mitra banao
    Holi hai bhai; holi hai
    Rang birangi holi hai
    Rang birangi ;rangoli banao
    Nacho gao; Teh Khushiyan manao
    Sabke saath milkar gao
    Holi hai bhai; holi hai.**

  • pooja17 20h


    Be like a festival
    Celebration everywhere
    Leave all anxiety
    Enjoy! Every season
    As nothing will stay long &&
    Forever **

    Be like a balloon
    Who always teaches us the beauty
    Of different colours
    Framing the unity & uniqueness among them
    No one is alike
    So Enjoy everyway**

    Holi ! holi ! holi!
    Khelo with rangoli
    Le chalo doston ki toli
    Holi ! holi! holi!
    Rang birangi hasne & hasane wali holi
    Sabko khush karne wali toli
    Holi! holi ! holi**

    Wishing everyone a very colorful and delightful holi.

  • pooja17 1d

    When trees shed leaves; great loss
    When vehicles polluting environment ;great loss
    When something important is missing on time ;great loss
    When we failed to grab an opportunity ;great loss
    But when someone 's time on earth has completed and he/she has to go
    That's a very big loss
    Which never be renewed *rewind *reframed **
    Leaves can grow again
    Vehicles stop pollution
    Things can be searched by hard efforts
    Opportunity may come again

    But once someone left us
    He/she never met again.

    In conclusion, I must say
    be happy
    Enjoy! Each moment truly and fully
    Bcz we don't know what will happen the very next moment **

  • pooja17 2d

    The more we escape,
    The more obstacles we have to face**

  • pooja17 2d

    When we tried & failed
    Again & again !
    We think
    We never gain; we never gain
    When we attempt ;
    But ultimately reject !
    We think
    We never gain ;we never gain
    It appeared as we left each train*
    Without using our brain
    We failed again & again**
    We replied to self -
    We never gain; we never gain

    When One hope light in depression mode came
    And told us
    Try again
    You will definately gain
    You will definately gain
    By using your brain **

    It appeared as if one star shining at dark night and saying-
    Hey! Try again !
    You will gain!
    You will gain by trying again & again.**

  • pooja17 3d

    Flying high
    With beautiful wings
    Showing us directions everyday
    So we can reach our destination of life soon**

  • pooja17 4d

    Memories are unforgettable

    Memories for
    Making us merry &
    Mends life's obstacles for
    Moulding situation suitable & forgettable **

  • pooja17 4d


    Sleep is that zone which proved to be the pavement in journey of life frm where we are standing today and where we want to reach**

  • pooja17 4d


    Mirror is the reflection of ourselves.
    When we feel alone; in- confident ;depressed; tensed **it is that mirror only which motivated us.
    It is an invisible friend like Almighty **God
    Who is always with us throughout.
    It's like that only who never laugh at our failures
    ** as other did.**
    It provides us the true picture of our personality **
    It never gives up*
    It never leaves us*
    It help us in every situation.**
    We can share anything with it without any hesitation **
    Thankyou mirror for everything **