• jmacthedream 73w

    Goodbye Waves

    Ocean waves behave irresponsibly, splashing away,
    Not being afraid of the damage its causing.
    Big and blue, the waves have lots to say
    And what’ll you hear might be appalling
    Not afraid, I confront the superior waves
    And ask the questions that come to mind:
    What will happen in the coming days?
    “Depends on your attitude” The waves replied.
    Back and forth, waves rolled in and rolled out,
    Bringing lost items to the people on shore.
    By the time it was over, I released all doubt
    And appreciated the waves that much more.
    I now wait for the waves to come back
    But all I can see is undisturbed water.
    Waiting all day until the night turns black
    To wait more time as days grow harder.
    “Where did the waves go?” I ask myself
    As I sit alone on this empty beach.
    “I have more questions...I need help”
    I search for answers out of my reach.
    After days alone, the waves reepearred
    And I listened to the waves as they met my feet.
    I slowly walked in the waters I feared
    As I waved goodbye to the problems I beat.