• pondertheinfinite 31w

    Circle of Bipolar Depression

    Mirror, I don't recognize you today.
    The elegant surface bore before me is new.
    You're appearance is radiant, the awe of seeing such a beautiful machine is transcendent.
    May I trust in your kind judgement this day?

    Mirror, your glow has grown foggy today.
    The blackness in your eyes infinite and soulless.
    I am appalled at the transformation, it must be that you are sick.
    Would you kindly clean yourself up this day?

    Mirror, the cracks have become larger today.
    The blood that escapes your wounds has made me aware you are no longer pure.
    The glass shards amongst the counter relays to me you no longer know peace.
    I cannot bare to look upon you another moment.
    Would you kindly leave me this day?

    Mirror, your edges look benign today.
    The confidence in your gaze enlightens my spirit.
    My faith in you now will be divine and everlasting.
    Your eyes are still clouded in darkness, but your cracks are hidden by the steam of love.
    May I trust in your kind judgement this day?

    Mirror, why do you dissapoint me today?