• omoh123 10w


    Oh fire!
    The candle was not enough
    to melt.
    until you find the curtains
    to wrap around your waist.
    As your flame roasted my cat's
    skin for dinner
    you even shredded the clothes of
    our cushion covers.

    But you are just a coward
    because you couldn't fight the
    iron on my windows
    neither did you burn
    the metal door
    you only took the weak
    because your are afraid of the

    And this morning when
    I saw the remains of your
    I have come to know that
    you are just a champion
    in the midst of the weak and
    fragile ones.

    And today I have chosen
    to be like those irons and metal
    you couldn't fight
    because you couldn't burn them
    even when you try to
    they only became hotter
    even you couldn't handle
    their hotness.