• slademmxix 9w

    Just. Her.

    Head is spinning. Lightning is rolling. Cant think clearly. But one face remains. Im scared of failing. Scared to love. Scared of falling. But still you pull me closer. Am i enough? Will i make you happy? Is this where life is taking us? Closer still, you pull me. I see your smile. I forget what i was thinking about. I feel your skin and i lose my senses. Are you sure? Will i make you as happy as you deserve? Im so small in your presence. You are so powerful. And yet, still you hold me. You lean towards me. Kiss me. Explosions light up the sky. The universe stands still. I dont know why you choose me. But i swear, untill the day i die your smile is my goal. Your lips will be my resting place. In your arms is where i want to spend the rest of my life. Why you love me ill never know. But i will forever love you.