• rishithakkar 10w


    you promised to hug me,
    to save me from all harms,
    I'm bleeding right now,
    then why are you not in my arms?

    you promised you'd walk along me,
    then why'd you get tired?
    you left me but still,
    our time together i admired.

    you promised me,
    that we'll remain as we are,
    then why is everything different?
    why are we so far?

    you promised you won't leave,
    that i have nothing to fear,
    but then as i look around,
    why are you not here?

    you promised me,
    you promised to keep your promises,
    then as i stand here,
    why are you outta my premises?

    you promised to hold my hand,
    then why is your hand not in mine?
    you broke them all at once,
    and you still expect me to be fine?

    your promises were sweet,
    i guess i was just too naive,
    i believed your empty words,
    while you digged my grave.

    your promises were lies,
    they gave me hope,
    they held me for quite long,
    but when they left i was all broke.

    -Rishi Thakkar