• divine_blessings 6w

    We don't hate a particular gender
    We don't discriminate them from the other .
    We don't put a tag on them
    It's just one person's fault
    And woo your whole life has changed into something else
    You start hating yourself . rather than people
    Cause you've been gone through it all alone
    Cause when you look upto your closed ones
    They were busy in bitching behind your back .
    Cause they thought gossiping about it made more sense
    But then ! You scream
    You cried .
    You wanted to tell
    But still choose not to
    Because no one was there
    But they say what does not kill you
    Makes you stronger
    So here you are now
    A more savage
    Yet kind version of yourself
    But this version of yours doesn't allow unwanted
    Yet crap people around you
    You've evolved
    You've learnt that hard times exist
    Only to make you grow ❣️
    Remember the one who has brought you here
    Will never let you drown .
    Cause he knows how to protect his child
    But he also knows what you're capable of ✨