• emmaludl 5w

    #reunion a funny poem about a girl named shance. These names were randomly generated, so if any of the names apply to you or your friends, it is just a pure coincidence.

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    The Reunion.

    The reunion was today,
    And i sat and groaned.
    I looked at the clock in dismay,
    Only an hour to go.

    I got out of bed,
    And i thought about my family.
    Aunt Suria, whose cheeks were always red,
    The clumbsy uncles, Fred and Georgie.

    Mum called me down,
    And i went down the stairs.
    She looked at me to the ground,
    And asked me to hold the eclairs.

    I went to the car,
    And i sat at the back,
    I was even littler than cousin Mar,
    So i wanted to stay out of the whack.

    Our family was whacky,
    Our family was weird,
    But, they could be funny,
    So my mind was being cleared.

    Sure, family had hard times,
    Sure, i didnt like them before,
    But now I think about the rhymes,
    And it won't be too bad to see Grandpa Theodore.

    We were there and i ran with the eclairs in hand,
    And was welcomed by my aunts,
    It was a very welcoming band,
    I dropped the eclairs and mum shouted "oh, shance!"