• calibraxis 49w

    The one

    I am the wind who dries her lips
    Who blows the fear, survives with it
    I am the soil who holds her feet
    And crushes the sinners who sleeps below

    The season harms me
    Feels like it´s made for us

    I am the fire who purifies
    And the ashes blows.... on summer wind
    to stain her eyes
    to make her blind

    the season harms me
    feels like we are not made for love

    I am the sun who shines away
    And looks upon, to lose/forget
    I am the road, for me she crossed
    And stays on here, and saw her bleed

    the season harms me
    this season harms me
    feels like it ‘s made for love
    feels like it isn't made for us