• the_audacity 9w

    Shakes and such

    This idea came to me at 3am in jail about a year ago with no paper. ...
    Ive done my research and there's virtually nothing really like this around. There's a cbd tea bar in LA but what my idea is there's nothing.
    I've done my homework all the way down to the drink combinations and specifics on what fruits contain what and vitamins and minerals to boost immune systems etc.

    The shake shack. Or shake n bakes.

    I want to start a pitbull and parolees style company with cbd infused milkshake and other beverages.
    Only hiring individuals exiting the system and transitioning back into being a functioning member of society.
    As long as their cooperating w the stipulations for their release then we'll work around their needs for classes programs etc.
    People have different dietary needs,
    So well have targeted menu selections for those individuals. For instance pe0ple with cancer need a high calorie diet with extra vitamins and such. Certain fruits are packed with Antioxidants which are proven not only to prevent, eliminate but destroy active cancer cells.
    Some can't consume sugar, like diabetes, intolerance or allergies. So we're provide them with a low sugar or sugar free selection.
    Milk allergies and vegan, same thing.
    Well also have teas, and water and smoothies as we'll.
    Dandelion tea is known to fight cancer.
    I love water that has fresh fruits etc in it, so well have a variety of those.

    A 10 year 100 flavor plan with promos as we see fit, and a percentage of each sell go to a charity or something, possibly back into our local community... I even have allot of the menu for drinks as well.


    We also do some edibles. Like, brownies, cookies, fudge, that sorta thing all cbd infused.
    I even ran with the idea so far as to making our own ice cream N growing our own marijuana.
    We could contract with local farms for fruits and vegetables and local growz or clubs.

    So here's a twist.
    Being released from being incarcerated its mandotory to provide proof of residency. This becomes a major issue for some who are homeless exiting the system.
    Opening a sober living house and provides a solution to that. Because we are not a facility licenses for drug counselors aren't needed. In California the State will pay for at least a percentage if not all the compensation to employ them and for their housing under certain propositions, im still unsure if that would need to be 501c3 or if these ideas could fly without that.

    This idea has so much potential to go many ways. I really really would love to see it go somewhere, but unfortunately i cant do it alone.


    I have other ideas as well.