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    Marriage, be it love or arranged is a beautiful bond, often misunderstood. It takes two to tango. So it does in marriage too. It takes to compromising human beings to complete that bond. No ego, no bow to me, no I did this this this for you. Just equals. Lovely equal individuals who try to make things work.

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    Entwined Souls

    Shimmering moonlight
    Illuminates the dance floor
    Time comes to a stand still
    As we walk into the spotlight
    Our first dance engraving
    Itself, seeping into our soul
    Foundation of years to come
    Cemented with twirling toes
    Of trust, of love ,of commitment
    Of understanding and faith
    Unbreakable vows forever
    Etching itself into our souls
    With each footstep we take
    While easing into your arms
    My inner sanctum asserts
    Our entwined souls are eternal