• chemist 31w

    Story of every girl

    She is a daughter, she is a wife, she is a mother, she is a sister
    But she is sacrificing the most
    From still her childhood she gets to knw that she is a burden, why?
    why we call her burden, she is a princess of his papa but is she really then why she sacrifices why her papa tells not to go here and there you are not like your brother why?
    As a daughter she only needs the love of her family did she really gets that
    As a wife she fulfills all her responsibilities to become a good wife but what she wants did she really get that why she is not satisfied. She is the beloved of her husband but why she is not happy
    As a mother she loves and cares of her childrens she always thinks my chidrens will give me that happiness which she didn't get from her parents and husband but she didn't know that my children's will also not give me that happiness
    She sacrifices everything to keep her family happy so why can't we sacrifice something for her
    What she wants in her life only happiness, love and respect
    Did she get that in the three phases of her life why we can't gave her
    She doesn't needs much more she only needs love, respect and happiness
    Just love your daughters, mothers give your little bit time to ur mother also she will b happy
    We are wasting lots of time nowadays why can't only 10 minutes for family especially your mom, ur daughter
    Just respect women folk and always keep in mind becoze of her we are in this world