• drayeshamughees 5w

    The 100 No-no's when looking for a relationship

    1.Too young/Too old
    2.Controlling personality/Anger issues/Argues
    3.Puts restrictions on places you go to/Type of clothes you wear/ on social media posts
    4.Stays limited to social media/texts/calls only and does not meet in person.
    5.Spends too much time/no time at all with partner.
    6.Too sexual towards partner in public
    7.Treats you bad in public/anywhere
    8.Is not professional at work
    9.Doesn't pay attention to personal hygiene and health issues.
    10.No humour
    11. Boring
    13. Doesn't have a hobby
    14 Doesn't know how to talk/ill mannered
    15.Always wants the partner to initiate the conversation
    16.Isn't serious about the relationship
    18.Economically unstable
    19 Doesn't know anything about budgeting
    20.Too materialistic
    21.Does not respect or love parents and siblings
    22.No dressing sense
    23.Mentally immature
    30.Doesn't give a damn about partner's feelings
    31.Over sensitive
    32.Gets intimidated by success/does not recognize success where necessary.
    33.Is not expressive about love
    35.Not confident
    36.Doesn't know anything about home decor
    37.Too rash
    38.Is not supportive
    40.Too critical
    41.Mood swings
    43.Is a narcissist/psychopathic behaviour
    44.Invades other people's privacy/circle
    45.A cheater
    47.Inferiority/Superiority complexes
    48.Takes everything too seriously/for granted
    49.Doesn't like to eat out.
    50. Confused at mind
    51. Lies a lot
    52.No game
    53.No car
    54.Hates shopping/shops too much
    55.Too muscular/too lean
    57.Eats too much
    58.Doesn't like music
    60.Too arrogant
    61.Not humble.
    62.Too possessive
    63.Too hateful
    64.An idiot
    65.Does not stand out
    66.No standards
    67.Zero social circle
    72.Too hyper/Too emotional
    74.Unhappy with everything
    75.No empathy in required situations.
    76. Stays at home all the time/Stays out all the time.
    77.Has trust issues.
    78.Can't cook
    79.Relies too much on partner over everything
    81.Stares a lot
    82.Not passionate about life
    83.Acts childish
    85.Doesn't travel
    86.Does not stand firm on one point
    90.Too straight forward
    91.Too slow
    92.Doesn't listen to you at all
    93.Makes a big deal out of everything
    94.Gets upset too quickly over little things
    95.Not attractive/hot at all
    96.Too rigid
    97.Mental frequency doesn't coincide at all.
    98.Nothing in common with partner
    99.No taste
    100.No status in society/Doesn't work hard for it