• oublier10 5w

    nothing to lose

    we have nothing to lose.
    we can't lose anything because we don't own a thing.
    we're young, dumb idiots just living our life's.
    we're young, dumb idiots doing stupid stuff.
    we're young, dumb idiots not caring about what other people think of us.
    we're young, dumb idiots with no money.
    we're young, dumb idiots falling in and out of love.
    we're young, dumb idiots trying to find our place in this world.
    we're yound, dumb idiots trying to find ourselves in this giant chaos.
    we're young, dumb idiots trying to be ourselves, in a world that tries to tell us how we should be, look or behave.
    we're yound, dumb idiots being scared.
    we're scared about our future. we're scared about other people and what they think of us.
    we're scared about being lonely.
    i know that you're scared.
    i mean, i'm fucking terrified.
    i'm scared of rejection.
    i'm scared that i'm feeling to much for you already.
    i'm scared that you forgot all the things we talked about.
    i'm scared that you were just joking.
    i'm scared that i'm gonna mess things up.
    and i know that you're scared too.
    you're probably scared that you're going to ruin what we have.
    but hey, me too.
    so let's be scared together.
    let's be the young, dumb idiots who we already are.
    let's just risk it.
    let's just try it.
    we have nothing to lose.