• taikpalz2901 9w


    As I stood by at the window balancing on one leg and the other crossed over, I observed patiently two zigzag files of ants both in opposing directions marching their way towards a destination I failed to map out.
    I traced back their origin and it happened to be a crack in the building cementation outside the window.
    They weightlifted a tiny white speck of probably a food substance on their not so large contrasting black bodies, as they moved so obediently across the white marble of my window sill.
    It's true as to how hardworking an army of ants has been considered with an unwavered determination that such small creatures possess.
    It wasn't so soon when a random strange thought bothered my head.
    Was it possible that a microscopic virus that had wreaked total havoc and chaos in a world dominated by mankind, and stirred a turbulence in the lives of so many, would really emerge victorious doing the same in the lives of these ants.
    We, humans have been under the lockdown protocols since a long while now. But it was clear that the mighty ants didn't need to abide by the rules and could wander off into the open so fearlessly, although they did maintain some amount of social distancing as they didn't cling to each other trailing their path that had already been coursed out.