• shankesh_gulecha 49w

    And after all the convincing the principal finally agreed,
    Our wish wasn't just a wish, it was a greed.
    It started with a bang, putting a barrier between us in the form of train compartments
    Guys somehow knew how to fool the strict teachers using their ideas with a bend
    Hotels were different but hearts over the moon,
    Some boys were sweeties, some identical to goons
    Pots , wines all came into play,
    Some thought it was wrong, for some it was being slay
    Then came another obstacle in the form of food
    We were too good (not kfc) because we had domino's in our neighborhood
    Pictures and people both were snapped
    Some friends clapped while some betrayals slapped
    Promises started diminishing in the shadows of new friendships
    But people got a reality check on who was close to their heart's ship
    Amidst all this, I decided to pen it down in the form of words
    Because memories were plenty but I wanted it to be a beautiful curse
    Students started imagining that the next excursion would be more allure,
    But along with the pen, my emotions turned blue
    Because this was my last school tour.
    - 12th grader