• lunamystic_seraph 6w

    Oh, so sad

    Oh love, I remember it all.
    As you lay there on my chest,
    Holding hands, dreaming of a better future -
    Now that dream is just a *dream* .
    I can't help but reminiscince.

    If I asked you whether you love me anymore,
    Darling, even if you don't,
    Can you please just give a nod?
    Don't tell me it's over, that what we had is gone.

    I'm being selfish, holding on to moments
    That have now turned into memories.
    But I can't help it.
    Your smile haunts me every night, and I have no one to save me.

    I'm afraid that time will take you away from me.
    I don't care if you love him more,
    Just know,
    I'll love you as long as you're in my memories.

    I am not looking for love anew,
    Nobody can replace you,
    But you already have someone, don't you?
    But I'll never… and that's so sad.