• caramelrhymes 27w

    Yet to be titled...

    Let a tale be told:

    With children as shepherds and folds

    An enchanting bliss with silver and gold

    I clasp my hands together for the upcoming roles,

    Feeling expectant for the forthcoming play.

    The show had just begun

    I quiver with anticipation and excitement to what's to come

    Undoubtedly, already a fan:

    young boys acting as shepherd's swains

    Just as they dance and sing

    They seem to have hooked everyone with a bait

    Their melodies come with a soothing ring

    Its as though the earth has waited its whole life do this

    With their young age already bringing the world to its knees

    Their voices carrying an unspoken spell

    Which compels one to savour to the end.

    I hadn't moved but I managed to move in and out with their words

    The ambience of the show dizzying with enough electricity to form half a sun

    At the end of it all the crowd was transfixed

    We hadn't drank but we were intoxicated

    As we gave them a thunderous standing ovation.