• maawee 9w


    From the moment she slid out
    With heavenly entourage
    Sealing a covenant
    Smiles lit up on their faces
    Joyous sounds erupt from their throats
    She did move
    Carefully from the four wheels to two
    Realizing it's a path she must thread

    Her smile
    A gift of hope to all
    Her cries tend to leave worry
    But the soothing hands of her mother did help
    Aging, became a reality
    The house couldn't be more arranged
    A fill of all life has to offer
    You'd forever remain my child, mama said

    If you do have, you'd be stressed
    If you don't,
    Thinking daily becomes a lifestyle
    The tauntful gaze from the neighbors become a bother
    Worry becomes a hommie
    Barging in when each season goes without harvest
    Indeed, it's better to have and be stressed
    She's a bundle of joy,
    Some do want her, but haven't
    Our heart felt prayers go to them
    That the creator would put a smile on their face

    To you who's someone's child
    Remember, you did
    You can
    And you still put a smile on someone's face