• nikko_27 5w


    The sea of silence,
    Verge by my own violence,
    In my world full of madness,
    My emotions full of sadness,

    Every minute passes by,
    As I suffocate between the truth and all of the lies,
    Here I am feeling quite unsure,
    If I don't belong here anymore,

    So I bought a ship,
    To escape from this trip,
    Where I can be free,
    Away from all of this misery,

    Until the tides have turned,
    With me trying to escape the past I thought I burned,
    The ship is sinking from the storm,
    Taking a new form,

    In this sinking ship,
    Falling to the sea that's already so deep,
    The darkness will consume everything,
    If you follow the whispers calling you for something,

    The calm waters in the sea,
    Has a dangerous side that not everyone can see,
    Where the ocean rise and fall,
    Someday the sea will get through it all...