• jerchosteele 23w


    I've been waiting in this tower for so long,
    I've forgotten why I can't climb down.
    I asked the sea witch for some new legs,
    Now my voice doesn't make any sound.
    I always believed in magic and saving graces,
    But no ones come to my rescue yet.
    I can't breathe in these tight girdle laces.
    I'll keep a fiery dragon for my pet.
    When my mother read me sleepy stories,
    Of beautiful girls with royal blood,
    Patiently awaiting their knights' shining glories,
    I never saw my heroines' real curse,
    Behind their happy ending in storybook verse.
    Biting poisoned apples, spinning poison gold,
    These fates are no such match,
    When your heart only knows the cold.