• seiki_kei 10w

    Depression is a silent killer

    Do you ever stand in the shower
    Questioning everything
    Why do I smell
    Why does the sunshine
    how would it look if I wore the showerhead as a necklace
    Or why does the hot water sting
    So much today and
    So little tomorrow
    Depression whispers in you ear sweet nothings
    That no one but the person dealing with her can hear
    She creeps in at night
    Testing the waters
    Wrapping her hands around you neck
    See if it's the right time to choke you out
    Or are you still alive inside
    And willing to fight back
    Depression begs you just once to listen
    And then she'll drag you by the ear
    You walk in on the love of your life
    The one who gives you goosebumps with a single touch
    Hunched over with a knife in one hand
    Clinging to there wrist with the other
    Don't blame yourself
    Don't blame yourself
    It a no ones fault this time
    Depression has control with one little note
    But not giving in the first time makes her go for the throat
    Do you see what were are dealing with
    We just want to take a drink
    And depression wants us to choke
    And once we start drowning its hard to stay afloat and not give in to those raging waves that taunt us below
    Depression is a beast underneath all the "Im fine I promise"
    When we are not fine
    She sneaks into every line
    And time and time again
    I feel like Im committing a crime
    Just by trying to be fine
    I hold the gun to my head begging myself to pull the trigger
    And she laughs at me
    You know why
    Cause she knows I want to survive but my head wants me to die
    She wants me to die
    So when my arms are covered in scares at the age of 16
    Don't ask me why
    Do not ask me why
    It brings It all back like a train
    That I'm constantly getting run over by
    Depression is a silent killer
    Who only needs one look to get in
    Do you see now
    Have your eyes been cleansed
    Or do I need to say this all again