• pathakdeepa 9w

    And that day a woman was born out of a woman,
    Yes... She also was a human.
    But unfortunately, born as a woman!!

    Had eyes full of sparkle,
    Was then named twinkle❤️
    With tiny feet and hands
    Started learning about this new world,
    With her loving innocent sense.
    Every human for her,
    Was just like an angel.
    Nice, loving and caring
    And with every single person
    She felt herself away from all danger.
    Little did she knew
    The society has a filthy mind
    Even the house of justice,
    Here is blind.
    And then came a day
    When some cruel eyes on her fell
    She shouted and cried but
    Ohh... that little angel
    was treated badly by some monsters of hell
    At an age where she should be protected,
    Was tortured, raped and molested.

    Hardly she knew...
    This earth is full of million
    Who are demon in the skin of human.

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