• lookkey 6w

    Mackie's Day

    On the eve of your birthday,
    Hope you know of your worth, eh?
    Born to oppose life's unfair way,
    Of making hard work out of child's play.
    I've watched as your plans weigh,
    On your conscience but you don't sway,
    Cuz your loyal and true, hey,
    You're an old soul with grit I'd say.
    The years give us gifts, yay!
    And the seasons they don't stay,
    If some friends move, and some stray?
    Just remember, we're here, we pray.
    Ya we're thankful, we praise that day,
    Man your mother made Dad's day,
    Cuz a son just like you? Way!
    Let's rejoice! Happy Birthhhhhdayyyyyy!
    Oct. 16, 2020. Covid-19 means we don't gather for your birthday, but we do celebrate you!