• byumbyum 4w


    Autumn leaves line the long path home
    I walked upon them and crushed
    And scrunched them under my covered

    The scent of recent rain lingered
    In the air, the ground was
    Sticky with mud.

    I saw her figure
    Stand on the leaves,
    In a yellow gown
    That flowed and flowed.
    There was some glow,
    Some luminescence
    To her being.
    She stared in despair
    At the silent moon,
    Rising in new

    She faded into the embrace
    Of the moon, as stars
    Scatter into the sky.

    And stars fade,
    These autumn leaves
    That lay on the path
    Home, the long, winded
    Path, seemingly indefinite
    Toward a milestone
    Out of reach.

    I sleep under the starless sky,
    I sleep under the starless sky.