• chaos2art_and_backagain 5w


    I feel the distant rumble of thunder in my chest. 
    The storm brews underneath my skin.

    It has been a while, so I fear the worst. 

    I don't believe this to be a sweet summer rain;
    it's not here to bring respite from the heat and end in a rainbow. 

    No, there is sadness and rage held here. 

    I watch my hair stand on end as bolts of lightning grow in my veins. 

    All it will take is a thought,
    A glance, 
    Or a word to make it all break loose. 

    For me to become an image of terrifying beauty.

    To bring destruction with my thunderous screams and lightning quick wit, 
    Hitting my innocent victim to their core. 

    Tears rain down in a feeble attempt to put out the fires I began, 
    before all I am left with is ash.

    These are the storms i dred; 
    the ones I try so desperately to avoid.

    The ones that leave me all alone, 
    surrounded by the sorrow soaked mess I made.