• wad_arg 5w

    Posting after a long time.
    Till I kiss you again.

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    The last time I kissed you,
    You said, "we will meet again" , I said, "Okay"
    then you said "did you see the news", I said "yes",
    we tried to seek comfort, in the silence.

    Since then, I kept my door open,
    in hope of seeing you again,
    we promised to not let fear through our doorstep,
    though we held fear in our arms as we slept.

    I though to myself,
    longing was just a word and
    distance a vague concept out of my reach,
    I have come to know,
    longing may have been more than just a word,
    grasping the concept of distance from texts.

    You saw the news, calling me in distress,
    I said "I stopped believing in the news since I've met you",
    You said it made you smile, I believed.

    The last time I had kissed you, I had not known,
    it would be so long till I kiss you again,
    I wish I had closed my eyes longer and held your waist tighter,
    I though the street of our kisses will always be busy,
    but, I've never seen a street this empty.

    So,till I kiss you again,
    I will not believe in the news,
    I will sleep longing to the memory of your hair on my face,
    and I will continue to believe, longing is just another word,
    that I not know the meaning to.